isabella fiore wallet

  1. I have been trying to find a wallet that I like. I think I found a winner. Its super fun. But it appears to be a preorder:yucky:
    whatcha think? total rockstar chick- or what.[​IMG]
  2. Oh yeah that's a rocker chick wallet for sure! ;)
  3. I like it! Did you see the one with the skull design on preorder at Adasa? I really like that one as well. IF has some bags that I really like but a lot of them seem to be on preorder.
  4. this one is fun too.....

    skull design????
  5. I have a Gold Leather IF wallet and it's a great wallet. Very quality wallet. You won't be dissapointed. The skulls and chains aren't for me but if you like it, go for it!
  6. I have one of her wallets, they are great. This is the one that I have, I got is at Neiman's, it is more of a burnt orange color. Love it!:nuts: [​IMG]
  7. Hardcore! I like the second one pictured.
  8. ^^ I have that matching purse in black :biggrin:
  9. here it is in black.....[​IMG]
    I am really liking it!
    "Me Hearty"
  10. Great minds think alike , I want that wallet too ! I have a Betsey Johnson bag I use for bumming around that would look great with it . Can't find it anywhere .
  11. That's the wallet that I'm looking at! I LOVE it. I'd get so bored with the actual handbag, but I think the wallet is just fantastic.
  12. I talked to the SA at Nordstrom and she said by the first week in September- that line will be in stores. So far all I found is preorders.
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