Isabella Fiore Tessa canvas hobo: I think I'm in!

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  1. This is on pre-order at Bergdorf Goodman:


    Now I know I'm contradicting myself by considering a light colored bag (I don't care for them personally) but this has enough of my much-needed black to keep it 'anchored.' I'm going for it! :wlae: Too cute for S/S.
  2. That is cute! It's really different and would certainly be an "eye-catcher". Good choice, there!
  3. Now that is really different for an IF bag. I like it! I wasn't so thrilled with some of their latest bags but this one is unique and eye catching. Maybe I'd better go look at the latest IF offerings.
  4. WoW!!! A new look for IF. I like it!
  5. ^^ yeah IF is really hit or miss. Some stuff is waaaay too out there for me but this I love love love!