Isabella Fiore style name help please?

  1. Hi ladies (and gents)!

    I picked up this gorgeous frame bag the other day, and it has a generic sales tag on it, no IF tag. I've looked all over and the only information I could find was that it is called Sweet Loly - does anyone know if that is correct? Or should it be Sweet Lolly?

    The retail value was $325 - in your opinion, what would be a good Buy It Now price on eBay? It has a few small blemished on the frame, but nothing major. I think it was either a floor model or a customer return. It's pretty much the cutest bag I've ever seen, and if it worked with more of my wardrobe, I would totally keep it!

    Thanks for any help!

  2. Do you still have the purse? If so, are you interested in selling it?
  3. No buying or selling allowed on TPF.