Isabella Fiore Stud Muffin

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  1. Does anyone carry this tote? How do you like it? Is it heavy? I'm considering it...
  2. very heavy!
  3. make sure you see it in person befor you get it, it looked different than i expected, but it's hard to explain why or how.
  4. was it different- "yuck" or just OK??
  5. That one looks heavy. I ADORE most of IF's designs but that one's not for me so much.
    Can you go check it out in person first?
  6. it was just ok.
  7. Well, I got it in the dark brown, and I love it. I love tote bags, though, and it is very roomy, and not that heavy--some of the other isabella ones have been heavier, IMO. I would go and look at it though, I bought mine at NM after seeing it, trying it on, and totally loving it.
  8. I dont have it but I think it's cute.
  9. Amanda--
    You're RIGHT! I saw it this afternoon!! Just a bit different from what I thought it would look like. I can't decide what I think, I don't love it like I thought I would...

    fashionfrenzy is right, not as heavy as some others!
  10. I found the leather to be a bit shinier, glossier than my Quilty Pleasures. That's what I didn't like about it.
  11. Was it a tote or a hobo stud muffin? I just bought a "tote" and it looks different from the hobo that I have. Any advise?