Isabella Fiore Sample Sale!!!!

  1. August 18-19th, 9am-4pm sat. & 9am-2pm sun.

    9086 Rosecrans Ave.
    Bellflower, CA 90706

    I attended the one at the beginning of the year and they had a great selection, prices were good too. Get there early because the line goes around the corner! Goodluck:tup:
  2. Can you give me an idea of the price range at the sample sale? I have spent all my shopping money via this site!! HA HA ...but I live in the South if there are RIDICULOUS prices...I may have to find a way!
  3. Oh Man, California?
    I am really dying for that pirate wallet w/ the chain...
    (I know, lots of you think it is tacky but I'm a rocker chick and love it)
  4. I think it varies depending on the popularity of the bag but it's about 50-60% off of retail. I believe the wallets go between $40-$75 and the handbags go from $150 +.
    I bought a duffle bag for $150 and it was reg. $695:yes:.
  5. please remember to post what you scored... I know it's next weekend... but enlighten us who can't make it.
  6. AWE. I'm sick to death of living SOOOOO far from all of the steals!!! PLEASE post your goodies afterwards!! Let me live through you! :biggrin:
  7. Don't be sad! ADASA has some really good deals on Isabella Fiore. I got 2 pairs of shoes at 70% off!
  8. I'm new here. What is ADASA?
  9. Wow thanks for the info! I love Isabella Fiore. Btw, do you know what payments are accepted? I hope it's not cash only.
  10. ^^^ Check your local Tj Maxx as well, they are beginning to sell isabella's at pretty decent price.
  11. I saw a black IF bag at a TJMaxx for around $250? I think it was about half of the retail price. But I've only seen one or two.
  12. Thank you, coffeebean. You are so nice.
  13. I just got back an hour ago from this sale. FABULOUS!

    Great selection, great prices. On the average the prices seemed to be from $100 to $250, most being between $100-$200 dollars for the IFs. They also have some Tommy Bahama handbags dirt cheap (apparently IF also makes TBs). I bought a gorgeous Tommy hobo for $65 that was originally $385! The leather on it is exactly the same as on the suntan colored Audra and has that hint of gold shimmer to it.

    I cannot remember all of the names of the bags I saw, but I do recall they had many colors and styles of each line, for example: Angelina, Audra, Alexia,Tessa, Devon, Carina, Molly, and a dozen others.

    If you do go, be prepared to sweat your backside off. While they have large fans running it is sweltering in the warehouse with all of the women running around with 6+ bags on each arm! The staff is absolutely friendly and helpful and checkout was painless. They accept cash and credit cards, but I don't know about checks.

    Also, there were some wallets and shoes. Don't have prices on those however.

    They do restock as soon as the crowd thins a bit and judging but the open door to the main part of the warehouse they have an enormous amount of stock ready to go. If bags are missing dust bags they will give you more and will also slip extras in on your way out.

    Go! :nuts:
  14. Oh, I wish that I could go! I'm down here in S.W. Florida and we never have any sample sales down this way. I also saw an IF in TJMaxx last night. I made a special trip since I read on an earlier post that they have been spotted there. I only found one and it was not one of the more attractive bags. Satchel type, black body with mottled black and green straps...half price at $ was on a separate display with some other pricey bags. Glad that you were able to experience the sample sale that some of us can only dream of.