Isabella Fiore Sample Sale 9/16-9/17 in LA

  1. On 9/16(9am-4pm)-9/17(9am-1pm) at their warehouse, (9086 Rosecrans Ave. in Bellflower, Los Angeles) they will be selling her signature handbags, shoes and accessories at 50% off. This is a CC/ Cash only sale (AX okay), no strollers, no pets.
    The handbags go the fastest.
  2. Thanks so much, wish I could go (am in SC right now). You wouldn't happen to know if this warehouse is also their office, would you-am trying to find office address so I can get my fabulous pug purse repaired-this is my first post, so if this isn't the way to do it, or if I can't ask the question, please let me know-this is such a great site!
  3. Thanks for the info. Do they take phone orders?
  4. Do they have these sales more than once a year, and is there a way to be added to the mailing list. I just signed on this list today, saw that there was a sale (and I would have be SO there) and was heartbroken!

    Thanks for any info!

    Ciaran Blumenfeld
  5. I found this info out on the website.. but if you know the actual mailing list info, please pass it along! Would be great to know.
  6. I've been to the Isabella Fiore showroom in downtown Los Angeles. I almost fainted. It was glorious. I'm sure if you contact them or email through the company website you could find out about future sample sales and also about getting your bags fixed:smile:
  7. Seriously, when I realized I had missed that sale, I wept. I cannot ever let that happen again! Anyone know how often they have them? And how was this last one?

    I have a couple of friends that have been to their sample sales and rave.