Isabella Fiore Quilty Pleasures Hobo----

  1. This bag came out a few years ago and I'm trying to find one in black. If anyone knows where i can find one please let me know.

    I have a stock photo of the brown one that I will post to show what it looks like.
  2. Here it is except I'm looking for the black one. i used to have it but sold it on eBay. Argh.. I want it again. LOL

  3. I love mine, it's in brown! My friend is now looking for one. :smile:

    Good luck!!

  4. Aww shucks. I thought you were going to tell me that you knew where one was. I have the brown too. I'm carrying it today.

    I love Isabella Fiore. I actually found the purseforum 2 years ago while doing a google search for a IF bag
  5. I'm sorry I can't help, but hope you find one! I just wanted to add that I have been really into IF bags again lately and a few hours ago won a black Dream Weaver on eBay...very excited to receive it!:love:
  6. Oh, I'm sorry! :sad: I am looking for a brown one for my friend...I'll keep an eye out for a black one for you. :p

    Hey, we have both been on here about the same time! :tup: It was the first few weeks here that I bought my Audra and Quilty bags. Then came a IF lt. brown Metal Of Honor Carina, a black Chain Reaction Carina, and I purchased my latest a few months ago,
    a brown Twisted Sister Skylar hobo at a cool boutique in South Coast Plaza.

    They are very well made!!

    Have you seen this one? Not sure you want to deal with this company...but it's a great deal!

  7. LOL. Yup when I first joined I too bought a bunch of Isabella Fiore bags. I bought the Whipflash Alexia (the larger version of the audra) in every single color. I'm not too crazy about the new IF bags. i prefer the 2005 run. Something about that year. I read that some of their main designers left the company which might explain why the new bags are different.

    Your link didnt come up. What was the bag called?
  8. Isabella Fiore
    Isabella Fiore "Piece It Together" Jill Hobo in Black (Final Sale) Reg: $595.00
    Sale: $297.50
  9. Hey all, while i really appreciate the suggestions ----I'm only looking for the Quilty Pleasures.

    please let me know if you spot one.......