isabella fiore quilty as charged???????

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  1. have any of you girls heard of the quilty as charged carina hobo? i thought that i was getting the quilty pleasures carina hobo, but i was informed today that i will be receiving the quilty as charged. the lady says that it looks exactly the same but its made out of canvas and i think that she said something about some diamond thingees that are on the bag. please help!
  2. Where did you order this from? A Google search brings up nothing....
  3. its on pre-order. i ordered it from when i placed the order i was under the impression that i would get the one that's out now, but i was informed today that i would be getting this other one. the lady says that i will love it and it looks the same. but, i just don't understand why i wasn't told this before i placed the order. she said that i could return it when i get the bag, but i would have liked to been informed and i would like to see a pic, but i can't find one. the one that i am suppose to be getting is made of canvas and there is only a $50 difference.
  4. I don't know....I have a Quilty Pleasures tote and was told when I bought mine that they were coming out with ones in pearlized leather for the Spring season. You'll have to let us know when you get it. When is it expected? I have another IS bag on preorder from Searle in NYC and its not due until mid-December. Does that make it a Spring bag?
  5. Ooops....that's an IF bag on preorder.....
  6. I think it's unfortunate that they are making this switch on you. But if the salesgirl says they look identical, she should have no problem providing you with pictures that compare the two. Hopefully, the sales staff is knowledgable and they are right.

    If the only difference in the texture(going from leather to canvas) I hope you're paying the canvas price. If the styles of the two bags are similiar, I would say go for it - as long as you know exactly what you are getting.
  7. they start sending them out 10/30 and should be finished by 11/15, so somewhere in between that time. i'm not even too sure if i want it anymore.
  8. that's the same thing that i was thinking. i'm not all that familiar w/ the canvas material. i know that my louis vuitton bags are canvas, but its louis vuitton. i think that i am going to go ahead and cancel my order w/ them b/c i don't like how they just ordered another bag for me w/o telling me until now and then they don't even have any pics to show me.

    ok, so the diamond thingees that she was talking about is the quilted pattern. now she says that she can fax me a pic. i don't want to see a black and white pic. that isn't going to do me any good. i at least want a color pic. i asked her if she could take a pic and send it to me through e-mail and she said that her computer doesn't do that. wtf???
  9. If they are refusing to show you pictures or adjust their price, then I definitely would not do business with them. I would also register my complaint about this incident with the store's manager. You're not going to pay that kind of money for an item Sight Unseen - no one in their right mind would.

    For a Fiore bag, I'm quite certain the canvas should be cheaper than the leather, for most designers it is because treating canvas is not as labor-intensive as treating leather. Why Vuitton still puts their tacky, ugly, knockoff-attracting monograms on canvas is beyond me. (I'm sure I'm going to get a few responses about this opinion, and I'm sure Vuitton has a good reason, I'm just not a fan)
  10. Wow, I just read this edit after I posted my reply. "My computer doesn't work. My digital camera doesn't work." These are all tell-tale scams of a con. If you can run a web site that sells expensive purses, your computer damn well better be able to handle pictures.

    From this point on, I would only accept the bag if you are certain that Fiore actually made it in the canvas version, and it isn't a knockoff version.
  11. after she told me that she couldn't provide me w/ a pic, i told her that i wanted to cancel. i had to pay $100 up front for the deposit and the rest would have been charged when the bag shipped. she said that she would credit my card back today. i better see a credit on my acct by next week or i will be filling a dispute.
  12. I definitely hope you get your deposit back with no hassles. While, no one can say for certain if there was foulplay on this transaction, is it generally good sense to avoid sellers who refuse to provide you with additional pictures or information no matter the excuse.

    If you went to a department store and bought a bag - then came home and realized they wrapped up a different (yet similiar) bag you would have every right to return it.

  13. I know the bag shop and I probably can guess why she said that. LOL is the online business, but the name of the actual shop is Petticoat Lane and Phyllis' Leather Shop located in Chappaqua, Bronxville and Scarsdale, NY and Greenwich,CT.

    The woman you probably spoke to is Phyliss. The woman there are lovely, mostly older, like the "fashionable grandmother" type. They are all very good in knowing their stuff and servicing their customers in the store (both Senate Hillary and Vanessa Williams are locals and store customers), but are probably only PC adequate at best. I'm not saying this is a good excuse, just trying to "interrupt" what probably happened.

    I can understand your lack of confidence is the authenticity of the product, after she told you that her computer doesn't do that (send digital pictures). But the store is the "real deal" and they would only sell you the real thing.

    But, if you are in the least hesitant about what you are actual ordering, I too would cancel my order now! Hope this helps!

  14. Thank you very much for posting about your personal experience with this company. I did feel uneasy about accusing this company of any wrongdoing, when I have never dealt with them before.

    I do think it is unwise to have an internet venture when you are not comfortable with the technology. I hope she hires someone on who can help her out so they won't face this problem in the future.
  15. I once went to the website when I googled Isabella Fiore and was surprised to see that the site has almost nothing on it. It just says to call them and that they carry "all" the styles. Not satisfying at all.