Isabella Fiore making me happy again

  1. I have been so turned off by the newer IF bags in the last couple seasons...UNTIL now. I found a really neat bag I love. I found it on eBay from a reputable person I have bought from many times for 239.00 when it retails for 520.00. I love boxy bags and this one is so neat for me because I am a sucker for studs too. What do you think? It's a X marks the Spot Tessa Bag (or the Cross stitch Hobo). I bought it in black.

    Isabella Fiorex-x Cross-Stitch Hobox-x Neiman Marcus

    The bag on the auction pics look much better. It's not as shiny IRL as it is on the NM site. The Rust one is also very pretty I thought but Hubby rooted me on in the purchase and he Loved the black one. I think in the long run I'll like black better anyway.
  2. Congrats on your new bag! What a steal!!! Makes the purchase that much better!!!
  3. congrats on the great deal! enjoy!
  4. Congrats. I first noticed her a few years ago. I haven't liked again anything until this spring season. I was looking in a window boutique this weekend with DH and saw this. Then DH said that's a nice bag. I looked at the tag and couldn't believe it was an IF bag. It was pretty small so I'm hoping to see something similar but a little larger when more of the spring stuff comes out.
  5. I really like the details on your new bag. The pockets on the side seem to be a new addition for IF bags. And the size is much better considering that most of her bags are huge. The details are very interesting and not overpowering like some of the other bags. Nice choice and great price, too. Congratulations!
  6. I like it a lot! But to me it is a quintessential IF bag? I am one to gravitate towards the embellishment the brand usually indulges in. It is just that some of the bags - especially the huge ones - are just too much. This one is just right.
  7. It's really cute!

    The style reminds me of the IF Metal of Honor line:

    eBay: ISABELLA FIORE "Metal of Honor" Carina Hobo NWT $795 (item 280082458989 end time Mar-15-07 13:57:37 PDT)
  8. Very cool!! congrats.
  9. Oh, that Green Metal of Honor is nice.
    The X bag appealed to me first because it was boxy and 2nd, because it was smaller than IF's usuals. I swear that Elaina Tote was like a ton of bricks empty and even though I got loads of compliments, I couldn't get over it's size. I'll post a pic of it when I get it.
    Mostly I was turned off by the really wild looking bags that were just way too colorful for me and I never liked any of the Pirate/Love/Heart type bags.

    I had looked at Lockheart bags since they were the original designer of IF bags and even they didn't do anything for me. I hope this one keeps me happy. I was sad to think I'd never find another IF bag I'd like since I think they have nice quality.
  10. I didn't like any of last season's bags, but I LOVE some new ones! I have to get one (or two). I like IF, but a lot of people don't. They're not my favorite kind of style, but I want to support the company, you know? I need to own one!
  11. Ooh, Ahh! I think that bag has a great classic shape, yet it's all jazzed up like only IF can do! Great choice.
  12. congrats on the great deal!!!
  13. Loves it in black!!!!!! Reminds me of a great hobo from IF that I got for my mom a few seasons ago.
  14. congrats!