Isabella Fiore...made in China?

  1. Hey everybody,

    My boyfriend just recently gave me an Isabella Fiore purse. I think it's the Dora, 'Passage to India. It's green leather with tassels and beaded detail...very pretty. One thing though: the only tag I see on the interior says 'Made in China'. Is this an authentic purse? I would like to think that Isabella Fiore purses are not just mass-produced in China, especially at her prices. Any help is appreciated, that's why I signed up! :smile:

  2. Yep, MADE IN CHINA. 3 of my IF bags and so are some of my Kate spades all bought at Nieman Marcus, Saks, and Nordstroms. Everything is made in China- sux huh?:yucky:
  3. Yes true! Made in China!
  4. Yes, I noticed that, too with my IF before I returned it because it was very heavy.