Isabella Fiore line/year?

  1. Hi everyone!
    I hope I'm posting this in the right forum (I didn't see a specialized area for Isabella).
    I've asked for help on the eBay purse forum but I didn't get too far.

    This is a used Isabella Fiore bag that I purchased at the consignment store that I work. I'd like to list it for sale after finding some details- year/collection- or anything else you can tell me.


    Thanks so much for your help!

    *If I don't return for a while it's because I've gotten lost! This place is HUGE!!!!

  2. man, I must have a real stinker on my hands!
  3. This bag is nice and unusual. I love this line and had quite a bit of a collection. I want to sell what I have left also. I stopped purchasing them because I am in my thirties and you don't see 30 year olds carrying Isabella Fiore, unless they are into arts. My latest purchase is Botkier.
  4. I think it's a beautiful bag! I just don't know which one it is and what year it came from. I'd have bought it if the price was right-good choice!:smile:
  5. Thanks for your responses!
    It is gorgeous! & I love it!
    But- it's got to get out before I move into it an do something unpursylike to it! LOL!
    The bags I use, I use to the death!
  6. pursie boobla baby! what do you think?
  7. Sorry no idea here.
    bet of luck in finding help with the info :flowers:
  8. Sorry, I haven't seen that one before either. It's very cute though!
  9. Why can't 30 year old carry Isabella Fiore? I'm definately over 30 and I carry some of their bags and I'm not in arts.