Isabella Fiore....I'm still learning....

  1. I was at Off Fifth today & saw an Isabella Fiore bag that I liked. It looked similar to the one in the link below, but I know next to nothing about IF & was wondering if the bag below is the real thing? Or do they even fake IF? The reason I'm asking is that the font on the bag below looks different from the one I saw today. TIA!!
  2. I've never seen this bag IRL so I can't really comment on the bag but...unless IF changed dustbags and tags...the dustbags that I have and have seen are white with red letters and the IF tag is red with white letters and the tag only says "IF". I have never seen a brown tag like this nor a brown dustbag. They could be new style??
  3. Thanks for replying! The bag itself (shape, style) is identical to the one I saw, but the font threw me. I knew that usually the font & those little details are what separates the reals from the fakes. I really like this bag, though; I wish it were the one at Off Fifth!
  4. Maybe they did change their dustbag or maybe it's a more demure dust bag for the more demure bags? I have never seen a counterfeit IF bag, they're not highly sought after to warrant being counterfeited. I think the bag is real because when I checked out an IF bag at Neiman Marcus in the spring, the tag was brown, not red. I obviously didn't see the dustbag, but it could have been brown. I guess the upshot of this response is that I don't think this is a fake!
  5. Well, I'm glad to know that it doesn't appear to be a fake! I really liked the style of the one I saw, but I wished it were black like the one in the link (it was in the neutral family). I did notice that when I was looking at eBay & online (Neimans maybe?) that IF has a huge variety of styles & no logos (that I saw) so then I thought maybe it wasn't a fake? But obviously I didn't know for sure & wanted to get feedback from people who know more than me!!:smile:

  6. I have purchased 2 Isabella Fiore bags from Saks Off Fifth...they are authentic-don't worry. The only way they wouldn't be is if someone did a bait and switch w/them. They come w/dustbags.
  7. I have two IF bags and they both came with dark brown dustbags.
  8. Will someone look at the auction link that the OP included and try to authenticate the bag? I've never seen that bag so I can't comment on it. In her post she says that the font on the auction bag is different than what she saw at Off 5th.
  9. Hi! I have bought and sold many IF bags and this company has used several different fabric labels as well as using brass nameplates for their logo. Four or five different dustbags as well through the years. Sometimes you will find two different labels on the same vintage bag, maybe issued at different times. I have also seen this new font at Saks. The seller's bag used for the comparison is authentic and she has been selling IF bags for sometime. I believe there is no question about the authenticity of her items. BTW, there are some fakes out there from her Audra series and now alot of LOVE fakes on ebay!
  10. Thank you soooo much this insightful info! I didn't even realize that Audra bags were being faked, geez! But...I'm so NOT surprised!
  11. LOVE fakes? which, the tattooed ones? The Audra I could understand, it was worn by a celeb.
  12. I'm glad to know that you think the one in the link is authentic. I like it, but the fact that the seller had a lot of IF bags listed caused me a moments pause as well.
  13. Yes...the tattooed hobos. I have never seen one in real life but if you examine the artwork on the fake, the airbrush look is very crude. I am sure IRL one could tell by the leather as well. If you punch in Isabella Fiore replica on Google you will come across sites that sell these. For the most part, thankfully, 99.9% of the bags sold at on ebay are authentic.
  14. I have never dealt with this seller personally but I glanced at her listings and iIMO they are authentic. And this one looks like a very pretty, classy bag!