Isabella Fiore fans? Freedom bag advice!

  1. Hi! I am a purse lover and I have at least 10 IF in my collection. I've been looking forever for the Freedom Handbag. I finally found it on ebay! I paid $399 for it, it is the brown hobo with the cream flowers....
    It is used but practically new, in excellent shape. Now, looking back, I'm questionning myself if I paid too much for it...
    I just saw the listing (5 minutes after the seller posted it) and opted for the "buy now" option cause I figured I would loose it.

    Did I pay the right price? Comments?

  2. I have no idea.

    Have you ran a search for completed items? That will tell you the lowest and highest that's been paid for that bag recently.

    Anyhow, a bag is only worth what you're willing pay. If you wanted that bag, try not to have 2nd thoughts ;)
  3. I agree. If you've been lusting after a rare bag and finally have it, it's worth every penny you paid.
  4. $399 ? thats cheap.

    I sold IF freedom large tote (brand new) for $900 on ebay. Is yours the smaller one?
  5. Thank you guys! You made me feel better about it...

    It is the small size: 11 inches wide, 6.5 inches tall and a 9 inch drop handle, but is still very cute.

  6. Me again! It's not the clutch (I hate clutches....) it is the small hobo....
  7. thats an ok price.. It appreciates in value for brand new. The small hobo retails for high $300. so you are not paying anything above retail. good deal! :biggrin:
  8. Thank you superbaby! you seem to know a lot about these purses! For some reason I am obsessed with the tatoo bags....I also like the Wicked Heart and kind of also like the Easy Rider....(this after purchasing the Summer of Love and the Buried Treasured....) Oh my God! I'm going crazy....LOL
  9. Hey, that's a cute bag! I LOVE IF bags and have several but I tend towards the sedate ones and stay away from the flowers, pirates, love peace stuff. That's just my personal taste. I think you did a good thing getting it. It doesn't come up often, your are paying around retail, plus the bag looks like it's in great condition.
  10. Thanks Lexie!

    I understand... I also like the sedate ones, for that I have a few Gucci, one Channel, and also some LV bags. I like the IF for the bohemian moments..that is why I like the tatoo ones. But I stay away from the ones that look like a "collage", where she mixes all kinds of fabrics and materials,the raffia baskets, monkeys, tigers, etc, not for me!:wtf:

    With IF happens that you hate them or you love them.
  11. I love IF bags. I have the freedom, wicked, easy rider and summer of love too! :biggrin:

    You can easily sell these bags later if you get tired of it. :biggrin:
  12. What do you think of the Easy Rider prices on ebay? They are way over the retail. I don't understand since you can still find them at the stores.:rant:
  13. I just got my first IF bag......Buried Treasure in the Jaime style. OMG! I love it!!! I've wanted a skull bag for awhile, but the Thomas Wylde are way too expensive for me. I guess the Buried Treasure is sold out in a lot of places. I had mine on in Nordstrom and the SA told me they're waitlisted. I've watched them on eBay and they're making $200-$300 in profit on the Buried Treasure. I think IF makes a lot of nice looking bags. I like all the above that you mentioned.
  14. Yes! I love the Buried Treasure! I bought the Britta Style. I've looked on ebay also and the prices were unbelievable! so I decided to close my eyes and go ahead and buy it. I got it at Nordstrom.

    Today I was "on a mission" to buy the black Easy Rider cause it's also almost sold out. I had the black audra in mind but I fell in love with the big messenger cause you can also reduce the strap and turn it into a bag. Besides, since it is not a hobo the pattern does not get wrinkle.

    I hope IF doesn't come up with any more tatoo bags cause those are the ones that I cannot resist!


    P.S. I went to Neiman Marcus I they would only take American Express or their on credit card! did you guys now that?
  15. Hi Ladies, When you have a minute, please include pics in the Handbags section. Would love to see the bags associated with the great name. Thanks.