Isabella Fiore experts

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  1. I think I have spotted a fake Quilty Pleasures bag on ebay. The leather does not look the same and it does not slouch as its supposed to (leather looks stiff)

    Take a look and tell me what you think. I'm not in the market to buy any brown quilty but if i see a seller selling a fake bag then i flag their name so i'll now not to buy from them

    My brown bag is a hundred shaded lighter than this one. the pic below is the one taken from another ebay listing. My bag looks exaclty like the second pic.


  2. Well, I'm no expert, but it looks fake to me. The leather looks stiff, posturing almost. It's pretty damn ugly, and I like the quilty pleasures bag. The second picture looks much more like it.
  3. You should report the fake - E-bay gets away with accepting fraudulent sellers with too much ease.
  4. I sell IF bags on ebay and I think this is real. It is not the brown one it is a different color and sometimes cameras make things look much worse than they are. Their other IF stuff looks real too. They are new at this and people are always trying to cashin on the bags that are selling for alot but IF bags are not easily copied. I'll keep an eye on it since I'm on the ebay IF site twice daily. I wish I had jumped on the tip fromhere yesterday about the new quilty canvas bags. They were off NM site in 12 hours and they are already on ebay for much higher. I just didn't care for the canvas and I have to love it to sell it.
  5. Yeah but i don't think the quilty pleasures bag came in burgundy. None of the major department stores sold this color. Before i got mine I checked them ALL in search of one...Neimans, Bergdorf Goodman, Saks, Nordstrom and even some small boutiques around the US that are authorized dealers. It just makes me nervous. Where would this mysterious color have come from? That'a why i'm scared to death to buy from ebay :unsure:
  6. Has anyone ever seen a burgundy isabella fiore bag in Quilty Pleasures? i havent.
  7. I notice some ebay seller stated that IF bag was made in Italy? I thought they were made in China?
  8. Wouldn't it be lovely if an Italian designer had her bags actually made in Italy?? But isn't everything made in China these days? I would love to know.
  9. Yes, it seems that everything is made in China these days including Coach bags but I still prefer my bags to be made from some European country... :toung:
  10. I was hunting through my bags today and stumbled upon a Coach from back when they were all made in the USA. I guess all that changed when the owners of the company sold it years back. :sad:
  11. My husband got me tow Isabella Fiore, very cute but I thought they were fakes since they are both made in China. So the question is: real IF are actually made in China?
  12. Yup, they sure are. :yes: