Isabella Fiore brass rings

  1. Hi all,

    I just got an Isabella Fiore Angelina Garden of Weavin hobo from eBoutique on eBay (after reading good reviews here on that seller). The bag is new but the 2 big brass rings that attach the handle to the bag are all tarnished and marked up. Is this normal for this type of bag or is something wrong with the bag I got?

  2. I don't know about the marks, but brass can get tarnished if the bag has just been sitting in storage. You can clean it up Brasso or any other commercially available brass cleaner.
  3. Do you have any pix of how yours look, kit02? I've got 3 and they all have weathered brass rings but I thought that was part of the look...or maybe not...
  4. All of my rings are weathered too. I like the look and I always thought it came that way but perhaps not. In anycase I don't mind it. It doesn't mean the bag isn't authentic. If it bothers you , you could try to clean it but I've never tried that. I guess you'll find out if it was made that way or if it is just tarnished.
  5. Hi there. IF bags are all like this. Some more than others. They are meant to look antiqued or distressed, not shiny.

    Hope you feel better about your purchase, CONGRATS!

    If you want to post pics, we can take a look and give a more educated opinion.:flowers:
  6. Hi everybody,
    Thank so much for the feedback! I do feel better :smile:
    I will post pics in the next day though to show you, hopefully it will show up in the picture.
    I love this bag though!
  7. Hi everyone,
    Here is a picture of what I'm talking about. The more I look the more I'm wondering if this is normal. Its hard to tell everything from the picture but it's not just tarnished all over. Its more spotty with these scratches - The scratches almost look like its caused but the rings it goes through - in this bag the big ring doesn't go through leather but all these little rings attached to the leather of the bag part (hope I'm explaining that right).
    What do you think?
  8. here's another picture.
  9. hi kit. hmmm.... those scratches are odd. From the picture, to me it looks like weathering. Like when saltwater gets on something and starts to eat away at it. You say they are scratches though, huh? I can see from the pics that the ring does slide thru smaller grommets but I wouldn't think they would cause those scratches.
    Can you post more pics, showing the entire bag as well or the link if you bought it on ebay with more pics?
  10. Hi,

    Is this weathering normal for IF bags?

    Here is the link from where I bought it:
    eBay: Isabella Fiore GARDEN OF WEAVIN ANGELINA HOBO BLACK$625 (item 110030625204 end time Sep-14-06 18:50:17 PDT)

    The eboutique seller is telling me this is normal. But I'm having a hard time believing this spottiness on the rings is normal – I haven’t seen this garden of weavin bag new in a store so I can’t be totally sure though. It's almost like dark spots all over the brass ring. I might not be describing the scratches correctly but almost like a white discoloration where the ring goes through the grommets.
  11. Hi kit. Well, I don't know, I was hoping to see actual pics of the bag which the seller doesn't include in the listing.

    At this point are you questioning the authenticity of the bag?
    Or are you just not sure you are happy with the scratches on the rings?

    It could be a "design flaw". I can't really think of another style that is constructed this way. Maybe if the grommets have rough edges they would cause these scratches on the rings.

    If you are questioning authenticity, this is why I asked to see pics of the bag.

    This is just my opinion and food for thought...I see that this seller has excellent feedback, however does not include photos of the actual bag. I personally no matter what the feedback do not feel comfortable buying on ebay without seeing pics of the actual item. I do see the feedback and why you felt comfortable but I just stay away from listings with stock photos all together.

    I'm not trying to scare you... it kinda sounds like it might be the design and you'll have to decide if you are okay with the scratches.

    I'm sorry you're feeling this way about your new bag.:sad:
  12. Hi,
    Here is a pic of the whole bag.
    I should have probably asked to see pics of the actual bag. She said it was “new” and there has been good reviews on this seller eBoutique here on this forum. And as you can see you cannot tell this problem in the rings from the far away shot. The seller told me she didn't notice this but I noticed the second I opened the bag.

    I do love the bag and I cannot find another black one like this anywhere. (only the brown and cream). I’m just not happy with the look of the rings and was wondering if this can be normal or a flaw.

    Thanks for your help with this :smile: