Isabella Fiore - Black Audra whiplash bag

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  1. Hi everyone, hoping someone can help point me the right direction to where I can find an authentic Isabella Fiore bag style Audra Whiplash in black. I have been searching everywhere but cannot find any for sale except for Ebay and I am somewhat reluctant to buy a designer bag off Ebay as I am not sure how to identify a fake Isabella Fiore whiplash bag. I would love some help of where to buy one (authentic of course) or if the last resort is Ebay how do I know if it is authentic?. Cheers:smile:
  2. Wow I wish I could help I ran a seach and it pulled up all these inspired by bags. I had no idea isabella fiore was so copied. I would definately be cautious about this bag with Ebay since there are so many copies floating about for 50.00. Good luck.
  3. ebay probably is your best bet...when you find one you're interested in, post a link and ask pfers to please authenticate it. That should help you get a great bag.
  4. Ebay's it. If you type in "Fiore Audra" you'll see. I'd stay away from the tattoo ones, they were copied quite a bit, but I just saw a beautiful black authentic one come up the other day (it sold).....they come up quite often, honestly.
    I have my babies still in gold, brown and pink and I LOVE this bag....they're heavy, but beautiful.
    Good luck!
  5. I've seen them at Off Fifth.