Isabella Fiore beaded hobo - Does anyone know...

  1. Ok,

    Isabella Fiores Beaded Carina Hobo bag (they come in brown and the white one below)
    I really like the white one and would love to get it, but I have visions of going out shopping and all the beads falling off or something.

    Does anyone have one, or know if the beadwork and sequins are secure or do they fall off easily?

  2. Isabella Fiore is really good as a company about fixing things. I have seen ladies with this bag and it looks fine. It is an older bag, right?

  3. I'll second this. :yes:

    If I am remembering correctly...someone just got a great deal on this for really cheap. Maybe you can locate it in a search.
  4. I have this bag! It's absolutely and unbelievably gorgeous. Staring at it gives me euphoria.:yahoo:

    As for the beading, none of mine have fallen off yet. But some are a bit 'loosened' because you cant control if someone bumps you or you aren't paying attention and one of the beads gets pulled a little. They're stitched in well, so they don't fall off, they just hang a little (like not even a fourth/fifth of an inch, it's not noticeable unless you're looking for it). I have 2 'hangers' so far. they don't bother me terribly, if a few more get loosened, i'll go have their people fix it.

    But it is so pretty. Expect a million "OMG that bag is gorgeous" compliments.

  5. Neiman Marcus had it on clearance a while back!:smile:
  6. Oh, I also forgot to mention: it is a cream color, and you know the law of physics concerning white accessories, right? That the magnets located in white accessories attract dirt? :cursing:

    Yea, so invest in a good cleaner!
  7. I have the brown version and LOVE IT. I haven't used it as much and I'm super careful not to bump into things so there isn't that much wear and tear but the beads seem to be pretty sturdy.
  8. I don't have this bag, but I do have a few of her bags.
  9. I have another Fiore with a lot of intricate detailing and I haven't had any problems. I get more compliments on my Fiore than any other bags, btw!