Isabella Fiore bag!!!

  1. Ok I finally went to TJMAX to look at purses and couldn't believe my eyes they have tons af great brand names I saw one that i love by Isabella Fiore and it was only 230.00 can this be true or is it a fake??????
  2. yes, it can definitely be real! congrats on your find!!!
    (show pics???)
  3. This is the one I saw!!! I need to go get it now!!!!
  4. I agree, you need to get it now!
  5. I've seen Isabella Fiore at TJ Maxx before and they're real. $230 is a great price and I think you should get it.
  6. OMFG - I am SO totally jealous and drooling!!!!! Dh is lucky we live over 12 hrs from the nearest TJMax!!
  7. Ooooooh!! Awesome bag! I love it! You definitely should go and get it!!!
  8. WOW! An IF bag at TJMaxx - that's great! I wouldn't have even thought twice - I would have put it on lay-a-way & decided later whether or not I wanted it for sure!!! Our Marshall's store had a few IF shoes a few months back, but only in a few size (6, 7 and 10 I think). The best bags I've ever seen at our Marshall's (I don't have a TJM near by) are Michael Kors, Cole Haan and Kenneth Cole NY. I've heard of a couple of stores that actually had Marc by MJ bags!!! Congrats on a great find (I hope it's still there when you go back!!)
  9. I've seen Lovcat, Coach, tons of Dooneys, My Flat in London, Franco Biasia, Cole Haan, Tignanello, Michael Kors, Kenneth Cole Reaction, Kathy Van Zeeland, and loads of others that I can't remember.

    I love looking them over every couple of weeks but I've never bought.
  10. I saw one IF at our TJMaxx and I couldn't believe it, too! If you can pick one up for that price, then do it!!
  11. Ok, that's it! I'm braving the South Florida heat and taking a spin to the TJMaxx tomorrow. Mondays are 10% off your total to senior citizens. I'm not even close but they do it anyway. Hmm.....don't know if that's a good or bad thing. I very much like a few of IF bags but alot of them are too large for me. Gonna give it a try. Thanks for posting and congrats on a gorgeous bag!
  12. I haven't been to TJMaxx in a couple mos now, but the last time I was in one, they had Marc Jacobs bags... Guess they're making an effort to improve their selections.