Isabella Fiore Audra Owners

  1. Hi there, I'm considering getting the IF Audra Whipflash Revival mainly because it's one of her toned down designs and that it's medium sized. I was wondering if you find it heavy? I've not seen/tried on this one in person but have looked at her other bags that are larger and they seem to be heavier than they look.

  2. It is a bit heavy.
  3. It's not that heavy to me, maybe because i'm used to the weight of MJ bags. Now the IF Metal of Honor is a different story. That thing could break my shoulder, and i actually considered buying that bag for my 5'3" frame lol.

    The IF Audra is very versatile and functional, i love mine and carry it very often.
  4. Thanks for your replies. I'm a SAHM and sometimes still have to carry my 2yo around so more weight is not desirable but it also looks so sturdy/durable that it could withstand the "attentions" of a 2yo that I'm thinking it's a good choice. I guess like zoinksta said, if I get used to the weight it won't be an issue.
  5. I don't find mine heavy at all. It is a substantial bag though and if you are comparing it to say a Coach Vinyl weekend tote, then yes, it's heavy. It's what you are used to. It certainly is not the heaviest of bags out there. Many of my Koobas are heavier.
  6. I don't think it's heavy but a few of my friends do. It depends on the individual. It is definitely not as heavy as some other IF bags. This is one of my most used handbags. I love this bag!
  7. Oh and btw, the Audra can certainly bear a substantial amount of beating and still look great. The only thing about it is that i have to dig around for my stuff sometimes, which can be a little annoying if you're in a hurry. But otherwise, it's an awesome and well-made bag! Definitely worth it.
  8. I love my Audra bag!! It's not too heavy and it will last forever! I take it with me everytime I travel b/c I can put so much in it and still look chic! Plus, it's versatile and will look good with almost everything....