Isabella Fiore at TJ Maxx

  1. So today I went to my local TJ Maxx because yesterday I read that someone found a Michael Kors bag there... so I spent a good hour going through all their bags and the absolutely last bag I touched was an Isabella Fiore bag (the only good designer bag there). It was a big red hobo for $280.00. I picked it up and walked around with it while I looked at their yoga mats then I talked myself out of it since I'm not a big Fiore fan and put it back. Now, I am wondering if I should go back, see if it's still there and just purchase it because it was such a good deal... I don't know what to do... any suggestions?!!?! And, is that really a good deal for a big Fiore hobo?
  2. I was there last week and they had 5 different i sabella Fiore bags that red one was one of them, I live in california, I didn't buy any because I'm waiting on one that i bought , but if I wereb you I would go back and get it, it's a great deal!!!!
  3. i think i'm going to go back... thanks ceci!
  4. Are you going back to get it just because it was a good deal? If it's not really what you want, maybe you should wait and find something that is a good deal and that you really like and will use. I also read the post about TJ Maxx and found myself wanting to get that same Michael Kors bag, but it's not likely there will be another one...probably that was a return with the scratches that were on it. We each have to find the deal that's right for us. I think there was probably a good reason why you put that bag down. Just my opinion.
  5. sdkitty, you make a very good point. i think i'm going to go back tomorrow or wednesday (and if it's still there) try it on, walk around with it for a while and if i really do feel like i want it (red is my favorite color) i'm going to get it ... if i have second thoughts, i'll put it down and wait for another deal i find
  6. I can certainly identify with your if it's gone when you go back, you'll just have to tell yourself you left it there for a reason. I had that happen once with a bag at Nordstroms Rack. I walked around with it, decided it was too casual and left it there. Then I went home and checked the pricing online, found out it was priced better than they said on the compare at on the tag and that people who owned the bag loved it. I went back to get it the next morning and it was gone. I was disappointed at the time but I think if it had bought it I would have ended up returning it.
  7. I was the same way the other day when I went to Marshall's - they had an Andrew Marc bag that I couldn't decide whether I liked it or liked the deal. I put it in my cart & walked around the store, stopping ever so often at a mirror to try it on & look. I finally decided to put it on lay-away & decide later on if I really want it or not. Now that I found the MK & CH bags, I'm going to cancel the Andrew Marc. The lay-away fee is only $5 - to me, it's worth the $5 to try & decide - esp since the bag was nearly 1/2 price!

    That's another good thing about TJM & Marshall's - they offer a 30 day lay-away. The way I look at it - if I put it on lay-away and can't stop thinking about it, then it's something I really want. If I put it on lay-away and wait until I have to pick it up (sometimes forgetting exactly what's on lay-away or what it looked like!), then it's probably something I don't really want and was attracted to the deal more than anything.

    If you go back & they have the bag, you could always put it on lay-away and give yourself time to do some research & think about it. If you find yourself dying to get back there to pick it up, chances are its a bag you'd really like.
  8. Hmmm. On one hand, you liked the bag enough to still be thinking about it. On the other hand, you didn't like it enough to buy it the first time around, AND you aren't a big IF fan. I think you answered your own question. :nogood: Sounds like something that might just sit in your closet. Sorry to be the downer here, but I've got lots of bags like that just being neglected because I never really loved them in the first place. Gee, now I feel bad for my bags!
  9. Well guys let me tell you that it if weren't for layaway at TJ Maxx and Marshall's, I wouldn't own my new handbags and tote. I have two more on layaway there, a Dooney & Burke and another exquisite (and I do mean exquisite) eggshell/very light sand/cement color with gold hardware that I have not seen anywhere else!

    Don't get me started about the wonderful shoes and boots there too, but since this is a handbag forum, I'll keep my remarks confined to bags!

    By the way, in my area, TJ Maxx has slightly nicer bags than Marshall's, but Marshall's has nicer shoes, with the Mega Shoe Shop! Of course, I find what I like in both. Ask me how many layaway slips I have....
  10. ITA.

    One of the best quotes I've ever heard: "A woman will pay $1 for a $2 item she doesn't want, while a man will pay $2 for a $1 item he needs."

    I think about this whenever I can't tell if I want something because it's a good deal, or because I really want it. I also ask myself if I would pay full-price for it. If not, then I usually put it back.