Isabella Fiore, anyone?

  1. Isabella Fiore is having a MAD season this Fall. Seems the line went from quirky embroidered/beaded stuff to the hottest oversized, studded things you can get your hands on. I'm curious as to what the rest of you fiends think of the line.

    Personally, I HAD (past tense) a Winner's Circle duffle in black. Before I got to use it, I felt like I'd seen it everywhere already. I managed to return it after 8 weeks to the store for full retail (I think the saleswoman resold it before she had even processed my credit).

    I HAVE (present tense) a Quilty Pleasures tote in brown. They were going on eBay for way over retail when I heard that a store here in NYC hadn't gotten their full shipment yet. I prepaid and got the next one that arrived.

    I WILL HAVE (future tense) another studded hobo in cream. I don't know that it has a name but its at Searle -- a mini-chain here in Manhattan.

    Now let's see if I can post photos of these beauties.....

    OK, if I did this right...the first photo is the duffel I returned, the second photo is the tote I have and I can't get the final cream bag on here. The file seems to be too big. I'll see what I can do about that witha little manipulation....
    winner.jpg quilty.jpg
  2. Let's see if I can get this photo in....

    The cream colored bag I'm getting is #6 at the bottom. Not a great photo but the Searle site removed their great photo because the bag is sold out....
  3. Her bags are a hit or miss with me, the ones you took pictures of are cute though :smile:
  4. I like the second one u posted
  5. I got the "Katie Holmes" (the Audra) in black. I refer to it as my "rocker chic" bag. lol
  6. I also have the quilty pleasures bag...but its the shorter and wider rectagle version, and ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. Its the perfect bag for fall. Its large enough for me to carry a notebook or two for class, but not too bulky for everyday use. I bought it in the middle of summer at Saks, I had never seen anything like it before and just fell in love, I'm all about the big buckle/hardware look it has going on. I recently went on ebay and was shocked to see it going for almost $150-200 over retail value...i had no idea how in demand it was. So glad I grabbed mine when I got the chance.

    Isabella Fiore has definitely stepped up HUGE this season in my mind.
  7. Do you have a picture of the bag to post, or a link to the bag? :smile:
  8. Here's a picture!
  9. of the leather and its so roomy!! I like it a lot!!
  10. My Quilty Pleasures Hobo (in first post on this thread) is just about the biggest thing I have EVER carried! I am working really hard not to fill it and paralyze myself. But its a great handbag/shopping bag. I was shopping the other day for shirts that would match a skirt that belongs to my daughter. She's 5. Hers skirt AND the two shirts I bought (each in their own bag) slipped right into the hobo. No fuss, no muss. THAT I like!

  11. Heather,
    I had to smile when I read your post! It's so hard for me to resist a bag that holds everything and not filling it up to the point of pain and self injury! :blink:

  12. I love the Isabella Fiore handbags! Though, some of her bags sometimes, are not that great, but overall, I think they are pretty cute.
  13. I love this bag .........note to self to look for it ,nit the same but sumthing simialar