Isabella Fiore - any one else a fan?

  1. I always seems to fall in love with at least one of her bags everytime a new collection comes out. This time it's the Live To Love Jeni Hobo in Plum Metallic. However, The bag was on Zappos in plum metallic and now its gone and it's only available in black and brown. Anyone else seen this bag in the plum metallic or am i crazy?
  2. I just came across this Isabelle Fiore hobo and am quite fond of it based on the picture. Anyone seem the actual thing? It is nice? Well-made? Not pleather looking?

    I live abroad at the momemt so it's a big hassle for me to have to return things so I have to be fairly certain about things before ordering.

    Also, what color do you ladies think is better? Now that winter is around the corner, the bone one might not get much use, huh? But it does look a little cooler.
  3. I just purchased an Isabella Fiore at Off Fifth and I lOVE IT! It's a black leather, studded purse. Originally $560 - got it for less than $160 after all the discounts!
  4. I have 2 of her purses and love them and have received tons of compliments they are all very unique
  5. Sorry Ladies. My comp crashed last night as I was trying to post picks. I posted the Zippered Walled to show the purple color. Here is the Hobo.[​IMG]
  6. I have the Brooke Spellbound satchel and I love it! Lots of compliments. I am now looking for a classic black bag and can't decide what to get, how much to spend, so on and so on!! Isabella has a black Tucks bag that is very cute, but I am thinking about a Mulberry or Miu Miu, too.
  7. I saw this Quilted lambskin Satchel at NM - Mango is such a great color.[​IMG]
  8. I was a fan of the Old IF bags before the 2 head designers left to form Lockheart. After they left it seemed their bags got very busy and sometimes bizarre. Favorite IF bag of all times is the Audra. That's such a classic.
  9. I love the Audra as well, I owned it but sold it just because it was too heavy for me.
  10. I am a big fan of Lockheart (love their sophisticated take on bags that still look different than the rest of the pack) as well as Miu Miu (love how they "play" with leather), Botkier (cool and downtown - crazy about the Nomad) and Henry Beguelin (gorgeous leather, beautiful handwork, kind of Malibu earthy looking - but quality all the way).

    All of these are such good quality and styling.

    The Audra was a phenomenal bag, it was one of my favorites of the past, still love and adore it today.
  11. Love IF stuff, and Lockheart too!!!
  12. Everything I've ever bought from Isabella Fiore has held up well and brought compliments. They're eye-catchers for sure. I don't know about other items, but the ones I've bought were not pleathery at all, they were made from real skins.


    There's actually a new Kiera clutch I am thinking about getting, in a pretty silver color.
  13. I just bought the Celine
  14. I don't suppose anyone can help me locate a IF buried treasure hobo in black? I JUST stumbled across a picture of it (late to the party as usual) and I can't stop thinking about it. Any ideas? I'd like to try to avoid eBay if possible. Thanks!:smile:

    Here it is in Brown (sorry for the tiny pic)

  15. I am a big IF fan and have a several bags ranging from the first collection to the current. My only problem is the weight of some IF bags. Geez they can get heavy with the luggage grade leather and tons of hardware! I tend to go for the simpler designs or lambskin, much easier on the shoulder:yes:.

    I don't have any, but I believe Tommy Bahama bags are made by the same company. Some of them are beautiful leather. Check out Tommy Bahama if you appreciate IF quality, but not the bling.