Isabel Marant clothes & accessories!

  1. Ahh my age!

  2. Another toddler! :p

  3. Guess I am wondering because I wonder if I will still be able to wear it when I am 40 and still look good!
  4. Ms. Marant said she's retiring when she hits 50.....:smile:
    and she's in her 40s....i thought she looks pretty good in her own design...

    and i am forever 28...:lol::lol::sneaky::sneaky:
  5. :ty: ladies!!!

    Kaypa, Varvara-Pretty sure we all want to see your mod pixs with the jacobs! :coolio:
  6. Mod pix please!?!?! What size did you get in the ruby? I think I would need an xs. Right? :smile:
  7. jaded, I am 35! the oldest here LOL :biggrin:
  8. But not the only one;). I'm 35, too...
  9. 33!

    Haha! Me too!! :graucho:
  10. i'm with june--i stopped aging at 29! :biggrin:
  11. i'm joining the mid-30's group!
  12. i've got a few friends 40+ that wear IM...and rather stylishly at that! granted, they leave the mini skirts and short-shorts to the 20somethings, but still rock the jackets, coats, sweaters etc!
  13. oh no.. i guess i really am the oldest here...:p hitting the big 4-0 in less than 6 months!:push::shocked:
  14. ^^ I'm not far behind... 37 here! ;)
  15. I'm 28!