Isabel Marant clothes & accessories!

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  1. Hi girls! Just came back from a few days down South and the sun did a lot of good to all of us! well, I guess the mosquitoes had a feast too...
    Hope you all had a great weekend and I am so proud of myself, I haven't bought anything IM on sale these last few weeks...:smile:
  2. can't wait to see you, in any pic, ladylike or not, I am sure you'll be perfect:smile:
  3. is there any where in vegas/LA/OC/San diego that has IM clothing (preferably on sale)?
  4. Flower, you're so sweet! :smooch:
  5. If anyone is interested Le BonMarche In Paris has these babies for sale right now for 75€!!!!!!
  6. its a bit quiet here lately...
    lets wake up ladies!

    Rosie!!! in a yummy keni leather jacket, TDF alaia boots ( love these) and Proenza S. bag!
  7. Thank you for posting this! I ordered a pair today, free shipping is to US too.
    They came to around the same price as ordering from Matches or LVR, and I really liked last season's taupe.
  8. Barneys, Creatures of comfort , Heist !!! Ive personally bought from these places and they were all speedy transactions!
    SF: Nida's, Metier, Elizabeth something...;)

  9. Traffic in the Beverly Center in Los Angeles also sells IM. Not sure if they still have sale items though.
  10. Love this look!! I can't get enough of any pics featuring the Keni/Sade/Kady jacket!! Its my favorite!
  11. I purchased my Isabel Marant Bekket sneaker in grey/taupe this weekend. Very happy with it!

    I bought them in Antwerp at Graanmarkt13, they do have some sneakers left (which have not been reserved): gris, anthracite, red and green. They did not receive the gold, silver and beige version yet.
  12. Have been looking for the sold out Isabel Marant Reilly dress everywhere for months...

    If anyone wants to sell it, please let me know and send a message!
  13. Lovely IM stuff:0)
  14. Hi everyone, so happy for everyone that managed to score a pair of IM high-top sneakers. I am still impatiently waiting for mine to arrive. Grrr...
    After a lot of contemplation I decided to purchase the Merrys after the second mark down. They have just arrrived. I tried one on my right foot (I'm at work at the moment), but will need some more time to decide if I will keep them or not. They are cute, but HiromiT is right, they are narrow.

    Finally, since it's been a while, I wanted to share another outfit pic. More pics can be found here if you're interested. Thanks so much for letting me share! :smile:
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