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  1. i sent a message to them and heard back already. no free shipping unless more than 160 buck....
    you can click on the * sign next to the free shipping ad....
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    Today's outfit ~ Jafney dress with Malky trench coat

    I found Malky looks great with dress or skirt.

    My Ulyse jacket should be here on Wed.... can't wait!!

  3. Gorgeous outfit! Love everything about it! You look stunning! :smile:

    Looking absolutely amazing like always Tonka! And I can't wait to see mod pics of you in the Ulyse! :smile: Awesome that you found one!! :smile:
  4. Hi lovlies :hugs:

    The Kady is coming in three different colours - Black, Framboise (deep red kind of colour), and rust (a friend in France told me this colour as she went to IM store there).

    It's a cross in style between the Keni and the Sade. It's very similar to the Sade cute, has the shoulder tabs at the top, quilting (like the Keni through the upper chest area), and 2x horizontal zips near the bust (like the Sade) and 2x diagonal zips at the front (like the Keni). No belt at the base.

    It's from the Etoile range and approx half the price that IM leather jackets normally retail for. Absolutely gorgeous!
  5. I'm glad it got sorted. I understand you wanting the reference back to your blog/you. eBay listings and some people on there can really test us!
  6. I love this look! I can't believe you managed to snag the Ulyse jacket. What a find!

    Amsterdam... killer styling :nuts:

    I thought I would share a pic of my IM Sherman puffer jacket (from Winter 2011 collection). A heap more pic's here

  7. Tee ~ Thank you and finally I can join the Ulyse club! :graucho:

    mandicakes ~ Happy to see you on here again!! I bookmarked your blog and often referred to your blog for inspiration and useful "advance" info on new arrival items... :tup: (for example the new upcoming FW sneakers ... ;) ). The architecture buildings were amazing too.

    Love your new IM addition & your killer booties pairing!! They look super cool and chic together!!
  8. mandicakes ~ So the Kady comes only 1/2 of the price?! Framboise color sounds exciting! I always love red color!

    May I ask... what is your thought on the 2012 FW Hippo jacket and the cowgirl boots? Esp the cowgirl boots, are the more trendy or you think more "classic"?? Thank you.

  9. Thanks your so sweet! I really liked the quilting on the Hippo jacket. I'm funny with jackets though, especially the beaded ones. I like to see them first before ordering. I loved the Milwauke boot in black (this one but black) I think they will be the more classic of the boots (my opinion), even though they are still 'trendy' too.

    I loved the David coat and the red Rodwell pants (look 24)
    Also the Wilem dress (look 19) but not sure if the shirring will suit me. Crossing fingers :biggrin:

    The Kady jacket is suppose to be (approximate price here) under 700 pounds. Sorry I've been MIA. I find it difficult to maintain everything these days unfortunately. Hey did you see that the new collection sneakers have hit Paris already? I've seen the blue and black. That means they should only be a few weeks off other stores I think. I need more time to save!!!!
  10. Thank you Mandi!! You have amazing taste!! David coat is sure a stable classic piece and the red Rodwell pants are so chic... going to be on my wishlist!!

    For rest of the FW 2012 line... I am not too crazy for the cowgirl shirts and pants, except the cowgirl boots!! I know there are another lower cone heels version which I may have a chance to order them.... so I will see. :graucho:

    I saw few FW new sneakers collection are up on eBay with crazy $ tag and the blue color ones are TDF!! These are going to be my 1st high top sneakers collection so I have the grey (Bekett) and black (Bazil??) ones on my wish list.... :p
  11. Ohhhhh I'm so obsessed with her high tops!! Where did you see the black ones? Are they the black python print? TIA!
  12. Tonkamama you look AMAZING! I am so glad we found the Ulyse, you are going to rock it! What arm swag do you have going on there? I am loving your whole look!
  13. Thanks for the info!! Thats soo helpful! I think the drop in price is the best part :smile:
  14. Oh thanks, surprised I was so blind and didn't see that!
  15. looking lovely as usual, tonka! you're also making a great case for the malky! :graucho:

    can't wait to see the ulyse on you!
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