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    Ok, hands DOWN the red tie-dye Itzels. Those pants are HAWT, HOT, HOT! The color is amazing and it truly is flattering on everyone.

    I have both the Ziane and red tie dye itzels. I just purchased my red itzels from NAP this week. I can tell you, by far, these pants make anyone look good. They are so HOT.

    The fabric is thicker then the Reo's or Ipa's and has elastic/stretch similar to the Reo's and Ipa. The denim is the thickness of the Zilah/Ziane. It makes the leg look slimmer because of the thicker/more supportive fabric. The color makes them pop! They are very flattering. If you ever tried the Renells, they feel like them (where they hold everything in ;)). They do seem to run a touch smaller then the Reo's or Ipa's. But the denim is stretchy so it feels fine imho. If you prefer a more relaxed look then I would size up.

    My vote is the red itzels, you won't regret it! :tup: I think with your height you will make these pants look amazing.

    The only downside is that you might be able to find a similar pants for cheaper because everyone is doing tie dye this summer. But the pattern of the tie dye makes the leg look long!

  2. Love the Lexy Angela! The bbag looks delish too :nuts:.

  3. Getting the Reo Jeans and the same style in the shorts (forget the name right now) soon...can't wait, hope they fit well :smile:
  4. Whoops! I wanted to apologize, but on second thought ... as you look so good in them, I am happy to have enabled you to get the Ulyse! :biggrin:
  5. I'd like to have a friend to swap things too! Lookin great as usual...:smile:
    Yay, Ulyse again! This was a major hit on here:graucho:...Love it, open for me:smile:
    That jacket is amazing, isn't it light? I went to check if it was still in the boutique waiting for sales:graucho:...:graucho::graucho:love those ipa's:cool:
    Can't wait to see what you got:biggrin:
  6. ^Thanks, ladies. I'm trying to see if I can make it happen, but I know the longer I wait, the less of a chance I have of finding anything! I do love the red Itzels, but the brightness freaks me out a bit- I wear a lot of neutrals, so getting the Reos was totally unlike me! I know I'd wear the Zillahs to death, but the Itzels are just so flipping amazing. I'll keep you posted!

    Can't wait to see!!! I love my Reos- I've had them a week and worn them three times already.
  7. Thank you and I can totally see you in Esso...:tup::tup:
  8. Please post pic, I was late for the red itzels... No one on here has posted any mod of the red itzels... You totally rock all her SS jeans!
  9. My thoughts exactly as I am sitting in my zillahs right now:biggrin:. Those red tie and tye pants are "awesome" and I still am hesitating to get a pair if not too late! Can't wait to see what you decide. You can't go wrong in any case, I am sure:graucho:!
  10. If you have anything white like a white t-shirt, knit or anything the red itzels will look amazing. I'm usually a neutral gal myself. I swore that I would try them and return them. But I put them on and it was pure love. The color looks good on anyone, imho. They are bright, but if you wear white it all balances out ;).

    I'm so glad you love your Reos. I love mine too! LOL, my DH calls them my "hairy rocker pants." But they have grown on him and he loves them too. I wore it with the Ulyse at a concert on Tuesday! They are such amazing pants!
  11. Um, are you enabling dearest tonka??:p
    You know, I don't know how I am going to get things on sale, I am sooo broke now!
    I just started cleaning up my cupboard, trying to get rid of my stuff that I love but haven't worn at ALL! No point just staring at it in my closet, even though I love doing that:biggrin:...
  12. ^^Uh Oh, I think I just got my Ipas mixed up with the Itzels, sorry:lol:
  13. Will do! The weekend is a bit crazy busy, but I will try early in the week.
  14. Thanks, I'm still on the fence, hopefully I can decide soon :p

    That's what my boyfriend calls them! He still hates them, but I'm sure he'll come around eventually. Would love to see a photo of how you paired them with the Ulyse!
  15. Would LOVE LOVE to see your red itzels!
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