Isabel Marant clothes & accessories!

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  1. Thank you very much simone !
    It's funny because I asked the SA today about the prices in the US (I'm going to NYC on vacation soon and will be located near the IM store). But she told me it's more expensive than in France, even with the USD/EUR exchange rate, it won't be interesting for me (that must be expensive then !)
    The first dress (from the show) is 740 EUR in Paris :shocked:
    The white dress is only 180 EUR (it's the Etoile IM collection, less expensive)

  2. Pretty interesting the white dress here is $315 on Netaporter but only available in indigo and the other I have seen over a thousand, it's wonderful you have the IM store locally and can access to a lot more stock and availability.It is very hard here to shop her line since most is done online and to figure out what size is good.I have a few pieces from her fall line and spring I will post soon :smile:
  3. It's true that it's not easy to pick up the right size... the white dress is size 1 and the purple dress is size 3 !!! lol
    I can't wait to see what pieces you have :smile:
  4. Here is my new Gary Jacket from the Etoile line:

  5. So pretty PrincessBal!
    I have some pieces to share from the Etoile line but not really into modeling so I will just post pics:
    Here's my boucle jacket from 2010-11 fall
  6. And here's my Etoile skirt from Spring 2011 with the stars and circles pattern
  7. This skirt is from 2010

  8. Kim ruched top
  9. Terence burnout tee

  10. Lovely purchases, French 75! :woohoo:
    So the turquoise bracelets are a 3-piece set?
  11. Lovely modelling pic, PrincessBal! Also love how you wear the McQueen scarf with the Gary - they are a perfect match.
    I've got the same jacket :smile:
  12. Got a few lovely items from the 11SS collection, both mainline and Etoile...

    Etoile SAM cashmere-mix scarves (made in Italy!), one in turquoise, one in black:
    Sam black+turquoise.JPG
  13. Then, Etoile CLIVE linen jacket (with grosgrain belt), and two GARY jackets (charcoal, and light grey)...
    Clive.jpg Gary dark grey.jpg Gary light grey.jpg
  14. Finally, my fave jackets from the mainline, including the Chanel-esque ELALI in ecru with black leather trim, and the fab sleeveless JANO with feather, crystal (glass?) and brass chain trim...

    Hope you gals like these ;)
    ELALI ecru.JPG JANO noir.JPG
  15. ^^ Great collection! LOVE the Jano!
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