Isabel Marant Boots thread!

  1. I don't have them but I'd go for taupe - just from the pictures they look like less severe look but still funky.
  2. I love both, but I think the taupe is a little more subtle.
    how much are they?
  3. BLACK
    do you know where i could find them please?
  4. hehe, thats the color i went with :smile:

    yahhh i always usually go with black when given the choice but i realized i do have a few pairs of black boots and with the chains, some friends pointed out that it may be too rockerchic or S&M for me LOL

    yah its hard to go wrong with either super excited to get mine now

    they're 1295 USD

    YES!!! I found them at Curve in NY--they're doing preorders and it will arrive sometime in August/September...they're the only boutiques that got them since Isabel wasnt able to fulfill the original quota for the orders and Curve persuaded Isabel to redo it just for them so they could sell to all their customers and some more :biggrin:

    DO post if you end up getting the black too!!
  5. congrats on getting yours!!!
    pls post pics when they arrive :yahoo:

    does curve have a website?
  6. ^^i think its

    mine wont be here for a couple months tho i think =X

    are you getting them too?

    If you call--ask for Sara, she was super sweet and knowledgeable too!!
  7. they're finally arriving next week i think YAYYY
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  10. Here's pics of my Isabel Marant Soono Chain boots...

    Isabel Marant soono chain boots flash.jpg

    isabel soono 1.jpg

    isabel suede chain boots.jpg

    isabel marant soono mirror.jpg
  11. gorgeous!
  12. They are so awesome. Congrats.
  13. i like the taupe because it's a softer look.