Isabel Marant Bekett Perkins Sneakers beige color...thoughts?

  1. I have these Isabel Marant Marine/Ecru sneakers already...


    (not my pic)

    And just received my beige ones but the beige this Fall is different from the beige that I was expecting (from previous Fall)...

    What do you think?

    This is what I got:

    Beige for Fall 2011 (which has some green tones in the beige, so there is contrast, not as solid beige as Fall 2010's beige)



    And this is what I thought it would be (from Fall 2010 beige)




  2. :heart::heart::heart::heart:

    IIIIIII personally think they're great in the new beige. i like the contrast. where are you finding all these bekkets!????!?!?!? gosh you lucky gal. I missed out on NAP!

    Anyways, do you not like the new beige cus its darker?
  3. also, how would you say the sizing runs? I wear a size US 7 but on NAP it says that French sizing runs small so i'd have to get a fr 38? But then i've seen others say that if i'm a US7 i should just get them in a 37. Which would you say would be the better choice?
  4. i actually like the ones that you got now...
    mod pics please!
  5. LOVE the new beige!!
  6. I love the grey/ecru Bekkett's. The tan color ones to me don't have the pop. I have them in Black suede+leather and Grey/Ecru canvas and suede.
  7. thanks!!! from Isabel Marant in NY, call them and ask for Folami, she's a doll and has helped me with my Bekett purchases...

    well, im a true 35 in louboutin, chanel etc and they said this year the IM shoes are running more true to size (bad for me cos they don't carry 35s in IM shoes for whatever reason...wonder if its like this in Asia too!)....and they fit me like a 35.5 I'd say or a small putting in a gel pad from Dr. Scholls helps me lots but aside from that, the SAs at IM NY said they were getting their regular size...if you're a 36.5 then def do a 37

    thanks!!! i just snapped a real quick one hehe

    yahhh im actually liking the contrast too

    i just got them in blk too! the grey/ecru ones are gorgeous but not available this year...i think the new beige have grown on me hehe
  8. love them calisnoopy.. too cute! thanks for sharing!
  9. ^^of course!! hehe :smile:
  10. [​IMG]

    Isabel Marant Marine/Ecru
    photos: Fahim
  11. ^^ your shots!

    the marine/ecru is seriously a standout combo!

    i wore my beige ones the other day, so comfy!
  12. The marine and ecru are cute as well. I wanted the black and white but those are sold out. My favorite so far of the Black/Black. I love the Grey/Ecru but I am always afraid of getting them dirty. Also the Black/Black is Suede/Leather combo. The Grey/Ecru is Suede/Canvas.
  13. ordered the marine/ecru... wish me luck ladies.. that it will look good on me!

  14. Yaaay!! Can't wait to see them!!:p