Is Zippy Organizer too big......

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  1. For fitting inside my Speedy 25, or Neo Speedy 30? I have been leaning towards the ZCW, but, found an Organizer deal that may be too good to pass up

    Thanks everyone
  2. The zippy or insolite organizer? I find the organizer very big but it will fit.
  3. It's the Zippy Organizer. I think it is 8.3" long. Seems like it would be too big
  4. I looked on the webite and unfortunately doesn't state the dimensions so it's hard to tell how close it is to the Zippy. I have the Kusama Zippy Wallet and it fits into my Emp. Speedy 25. I know the opening of the Empriente Speedy has a wider opening than the regular Speedy 25, but it has no problem fitting inside. I hope this helps. :smile:
  5. I love love love my zippy organizer!!! I have regular size too. That may be the safest way to go re size because organizer is quite large. Darine13cesar has a review comparing the various wallet sizes. This might help you.
  6. On YouTube that is.