Is YSL cheaper in Paris?

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I'm finally going on my honeymoon next month! It's be our first trip to Paris. I've been trying to figure out what handbag I'd like to purchase while I'm over there. Does anyone know whether YSL prices are cheaper in Paris? I'm thinking about an OS Muse (totally missing the one I sold) or an Easy bag.

  2. I don't know what the prices are on YSL in Paris, but most likely it will depend on how strong the dollar is when you go. If the dollar is still doing well then you might be able to score lots of good deals! GL
  3. Thanks for the reply! I guess we'll see what happens when I get there. I can't wait to go!
  4. Well as a tourist you also get VAT back (around 14%?) so that maybe something you can take into account when comparing the prices.
  5. I heard that tourists from Europe are buying handbags here, in the USA :biggrin:
  6. I live in Paris and I buy my bags in the UK. I find they are cheaper outside of France. Plus the sales only happen twice a year and the sales are better in the US as well. I just ordered a muse II from the UK for 580 euros and I just went to ysl today and saw the same bag for 1500euros.
  7. Elainerkitty, thanks for your post. Your blog is very interesting btw ;)
  8. gladrag&bags - When I considered asking for VAT back (b/c the stores in Spain just charge you VAT and expect you to figure out how to get it back yourself), the process is quite arduous. I had to file a form/receipts at an office within the airport (which was not open when I landed at 8PM), and then I had to go BACK to the office to pick up the check after it was processed. It is a $60-70 cab trip (one-way) from Manhattan to JFK/LGA/EWR, so I just ate the VAT. My savings would have been too insignificant after 2 trips of $140 in cab fare!

  9. Hmm nycgirl.. I've never had to go back to the office to pick up the cheque. they normally just mail it to you in my experience..But I don't live in the US so it may be different for US citizens?
  10. 1. I think the US gov't could care less whether citizens pay VAT abroad, and
    2. We really are still in the stone-age with regards to paper-based processing systems. So, I don't know. Hopefully it will change in the future! :smile:

  11. sorry that i have totally no idea for that
    but hopes that you have an enjoyable and sweet honeymoon^^