Is your store on schedule?

  1. Called my store to today, I like to call about a week before the releases so they don't forget about me and see if there are any problems because it's long way for me to travel.

    Anyway...... I was expected to go next week to get the Dentelle Kirsten (STILL undecided Help!)and the patchwork speedy (I am so weak, I can't resist) but have been told the patchwork now isn't coming out until the 1st April not the 15th March.

    the Lvoe tote is also the 1st April but I knew that already.
  2. lol Not always on schedule:sweatdrop: . Get the Dentelle Kirsten IMO it's the prettiest out of all the Dentelle:love:
  3. depends .. sometimes on time sometimes 2 3 weeks late
  4. I agree w/ Lee, you should get the kirsten! It's a lot preetier than a speedy!!!

  5. i'm sorry maybe this answer is here somewhere so forgive me if it's a repeat question .. do you know what the patchwork speedy will look like? It sounds very interesting to me!
  6. heres the patchwork speedy in grey it comes in blue too
    denim speedy grey.jpg
  7. it IS the prettiest! get it get it get it!
  8. has anyone else been told the 1st April for patchwork?
  9. My Store here have stated 15th March for the dentelle items and unsure when everything else is due to launch PLUS they are unsure if they will get the Kirsten and the street PM for me:crybaby: I would get the Kirsten as it is such a stunning bag:heart:
  10. ^ I really hope they get them for you I know how much you want them I will keep my fingers crossed for you
  11. Thank you:heart: Are you going to get the Kirsten???
  12. I really don't know I just can't decide, I think it's cute in the ads but I don't like it in the eBay pics I think I'll just have to wait until I see it IRL to decide I know the pic really don't do the dentelle justice.

    Can your store not get you an Kirsten or E/W from another store?
  13. I would get the Kirsten as it is so difficult to locate here ...LV allocate the stock here and the global store always has first preference (Sydney) and then it may reach my store (it also depends on how much pull my store has:yes: ) The Global store do not like giving up sales/LE to other stores so we often miss out on items:confused1:
  14. So how many stores does AUS have? I guess sydney being a cosmopalitan city will have a big waitlist, it's so sad that people who really want it miss out. My store never gets a large quantity but at least they get them.

    Are you hoping for the silver or gold kirsten?