Is your significant other jealous?

  1. My new flame isn't even my boyfriend and he's pea-green with jealousy half the time!

    Does your husband or boyfriend become jealous easily?
  2. don't they all? I think they just have different ways of expressing it. My DH tries to be "cool" but his body language gives him away!
  3. Yeah he does, but its cute on him:love: . He tries to hide it, but then it comes out and I have to keep from laughing because he can look so pitiful.

    I remember one time I made a comment about how one of my male friends was such a good driver. My honeydew got this terribly wounded expression, and said in a hurt voice "I'm a good driver too." mind you it was not a comparison I was making. I don't even remember what brought me to making that statement. I think most men are jealous creatures. Far worse than women.
  4. as my exhusband was the best(number one in everything ( at least he tought so) no jealousy whatsoever :lol:
  5. the bf says he isnt the jealous type but tends to be hostile towards other men who might be interested in me, lol.
  6. My DH is the same!'s so cute though! I think it's normal to be alittle jealous but, too much can turn into an obsessive and controlling relationship and that is unhealthy and damaging.
  7. Nope. And neither am I. But maybe it's because we're such boring homesbodies, we don't meet new people very often....
  8. Nah, my bf isnt lol
  9. Totally!! My BF is jealous even of my bags!!! haha
  10. My husband is not the jealous type, and I'm very thankful for that.
  11. I have know my husband for about 10 years. We've been married for almost 6 years. Never once have I ever seen him jealous. Kinda sucks! Its all good though he just know hes my #1 in everything no matter what.
  12. mine isn't.. he doesnt really say much, i guess coz I dont do anything to make him jealous.. gosh, we have been together for 7 yrs.. i guess, this is it for the two of us...
  13. My husband isn't, but sometimes I'd think it would be nice if he was. Lately I've been feeling old, fat, and ugly!
  14. No, or it doesn't seem so! LOL!
    BUT, he DOES NOT like any joking about other 'boys', we do not talk about past flames, no, no, no!
  15. Kinda, he watches out for me more than just being jealous.