Is Your Purse Making You Sick??

  1. So I'm usually one of those people who automatically deletes emails that are obviously forwards or chain letters. I hate a cluttered inbox and I hate to do that to others. And, meh...I'm not really superstitious anyway. :rolleyes:

    But this morning, one of my best girlfriends sent this to me and it actually caught my eye. And boy was it an eye OPENER! :wtf:

    Anyway, take it for what it is. But it's interesting, to say the least. And definitely worth a thought.

    Here goes:

    Have you ever noticed gals who sit their handbags on public toilet floors then go directly to their dining tables and set it on the table? Happens a lot! It's not always the 'restaurant food' that causes stomach distress. Sometimes "what you don't know 'will' hurt you"!

    Mom got so upset when guests came in the door and plopped their handbags down on the counter where she was cooking or setting up food. She always said that handbags are really dirty, because of where they have been.

    It's something just about every woman carries with them. While we may know what's inside our handbags, do you have any idea what's on the outside? Women carry handbags everywhere; from the office to public toilets to the floor of the car. Most women won't be caught without their handbags, but did you ever stop to think about where your handbag goes during the day.

    "I drive a school bus, so my handbag has been on the floor of the bus a lot," says one woman. "On the floor of my car, and in toilets." "I put my handbag in grocery shopping carts, on the floor of the toilet," says another woman "and of course in my home which should be clean."

    We decided to find out if handbags harbor a lot of bacteria. We learned how to test them at Nelson Laboratories in Salt Lake, and then we set out to test the average woman's handbag.

    Most women told us they didn't stop to think about what was on the bottom of their handbag. Most said at home they usually set their handbags on top of kitchen tables and counters where food is prepared. Most of the ladies we talked to told us they wouldn't be surprised if their handbags were at least a little bit dirty. It turns out handbags are so surprisingly dirty, even the microbiologist who tested them was shocked.

    Microbiologist Amy Karen of Nelson Labs says nearly all of the handbags tested were not only high in bacteria, but high in harmful kinds of bacteria. Pseudomonas can cause eye infections, staphylococcus aurous can cause serious skin infections, and salmonella and e-coli found on the handbags could make people very sick.

    In one sampling, four of five handbags tested positive for salmonella . Leather or vinyl handbags tended to be cleaner than cloth handbags, and lifestyle seemed to play a role. People with kids tended to have dirtier handbags than those without, with one exception.

    The handbag of one single woman who frequented nightclubs had one of the worst contaminations of all.

    So the moral of this story - your handbag won't kill you, but it does have the potential to make you very sick if you keep it on places where you eat.

    Use hooks to hang your handbag at home and in toilets, and don't put it on your desk, a restaurant table, or on your kitchen countertop. Experts say you should think of your handbag the same way you would a pair of shoes. "If you think about putting a pair of shoes onto your counter tops, that's the same thing you're doing when you put your handbag on the countertops"

    The microbiologists at Nelson also said cleaning a handbag will help. Wash cloth handbags and use leather cleaner to clean the bottom of leather handbags.
  2. lol, good thing I never put my handbag on the ground :upsidedown:
  3. Then my shoes make me sick, because I walk EVERYWHERE with them and need to use my hand to pull them off. Oh well!!

    Funny chain though :yes:
  4. Who puts her purse on a public bathroom floor??? If there isn't a hook, I keep it on my shoulder! Yes, sometimes that takes a little extra coordination, but it's worth the effort!

    Also, it's bad feng shui to put your purse on the ground - means you're losing money. And if I'm losing money, I'm also losing my expensive purse addiction!!! If I can't put it on the back of my chair or next to me on the booth in a restaurant or on a spare chair, my purse either sits on my lap under the table or I put the strap over my knee and hold it between my feet (off the floor).

  5. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  6. Whoa. I know I sit mine down in certain places but NEVER on the bathroom floor or the floor of my car. EWWWWWW. Yikes, that is scary though!
  7. I was at a fighting arena and there was pee and flooded water everyone on the group, and i saw that the girl next to me was i guess trying to fiddle her bag on her arm while using the restroom and i guess she couldnt do it, and she dropper her purse in the puddle of liquid. all her make up came flying out and cracked open. i saw all the icky watery stuff splash into her make up! poor girl! when i came out to wash my hands, i saw her put her things back in her bag!
  8. ^ OMG!!! :throwup:

    I seriously think I would throw everything out.

    This thread has made me gag several times. I'm not germphobic, but eeew. I just try not to think about this stuff... I'm more worried about bags getting stained than germy though. I think some people have gone a little overboard with the germ stuff. You need to let your immune system fight a little bit, or you really will get sick all the time. But some stuff is just gross. I will not touch other people's bodily fluids. Ever. For any reason. :nogood:
  9. Who puts their handbags on the public bathroom FLOOR??? GROSS! :throwup:
  10. :yucky:This is the exact the reason I had an agrument on the train the other day! :bagslap:I was sitting on a crowded train and a woman standing over me kept hitting me in the FACE with her handbag! At first I used my hand to block the bag but she kept yapping with her friends, so I asked if she wanted to take my seat because her bag was hitting me. She said no & kept yapping with her friends.... so I got up and stood next to her because I could not take it anymore! :sick: Her friend asked what my problem was and I told her that I'm not a fan of being slapped repeatedly {that gave them a good laugh} and that hangbags are really dirty so I'd rather stand up for 10 minutes than break out with serious acne for a week! :rant: I'm usually not like that but her bag looked awful!
  11. This is disgusting. First, who puts their purse on the bathroom floor? I'm a clean person and I wouldn't even do that in my own home. If there is no hook on the stall door then the purse stays on my shoulder. And I'll only put my purse on that hook if its those long ones that will hold my purse away from the door, not against it. I've seen to many people leave the bathroom without washing their hands.... Nasty! I want to come in contact with as little as possible while in a public restroom.

    Regardless, I never put my purse on any floor. If I go to a restaurant I'll either hang it from my chair or place it on an empty chair next to me. Floors to public places are nasty. Besides, like someone posted earlier. It's bad mojo to put your purse on the floor. I don't want my money to go away. LOL!

    Besides, some handbags cost WAY too much to be throwing them around the place and getting them dirty.

    It makes sense that our handbags will be dirty. We do carry them everywhere. We touch them all the time and put things in them on a daily basis. Our hands are not clean all the time. I've received this email before but it was talking about how dirty the steering wheel to your car can be (think about that one).

    Lastly, I can't believe that girl put all her makeup back in her purse. I dropped the sponge applicator for my powder on a dry floor once in a bathroom and threw it away immediately. The thought of what could possibly be on the floor was sickening. I can't imagine putting that away and/or using it on my face ever again. :throwup:
  12. Euuwwww! I saw someone had put their bag on the floor in the movie theatre restroom and I couldn't understand why because there are hooks behinds the doors. I have to admit I do though put mine on a small corner of the kitchen counter ... it's not an area where there is any food preparation, but I never thought before about how dirty it might be.
  13. you know there was a documentary somewhere saying the the restroom is actually the cleanest place in your house?? they say because most people think its "disgusting" they clean it more often and use a bit more elbow grease. i can understand this, but to think of PUBLIC restrooms the same way?? pa-leeese!