Is your partner a quiet man?

  1. I'm in drought... my hubby is one who doesn't express himself much. No encouragement words, no appreciation, no sweet talks, once-in-a-blue-moon "I love you"... But his actions show that he cares.

    I told him a few times but he doesn't seem to be improving. It has been like this for YEARS! ARGH!!! :cursing:

    Ladies, is your man like this??!!
  2. My husband had always been very afffectionate. Lately not so much.
  3. My DH isnt very affectionate either but he does other things that prove to me he loves me. It's just the way he is. Ive tried to get him to change and he tries but he goes back to his old ways. Its frustrating, I know....
  4. My husband shows me all the time that he loves me dearly. He's romantic, supportive, loving, kind but he's not one to tell you how he feels all of the time. It's moreso in his actions. I know he'd do anything in this world for me and wants the best for me, for us, and our family and that is the best feeling ever. As long as I 'feel the love' coming from him..I'm very happy.
  5. Yes, very much so.
  6. SO is the hard-core sensitive romantic...I'm the aloof one hah :p
  7. YES. My DH is not big on communication, much less words of appreciation or flattery! But like your man, mine shows his love via his actions. He's full of integrity, dependable, and always has my and the kids' best interests at heart.

    I do get jealous, though, when I hear about other ladies' husbands showering them with affection and sweet nothings! I've been with DH for 10 years, and until a few months ago, he NOT ONCE ever called me "beautiful!" I had to freakin' wrestle it out of him in January, and I told him it was important for me to hear once in awhile. Ever since, he has been a lil' more generous with the 'b' word!
  8. MY BF is the composed thinker, yes, and more quiet than I am.. but he still shows affection and can show he's involved and interested in me or something we're doing...

    Im more of the hyper off the walls crazy woman
  9. My fiance is LOUD around everyone but he doesn't show that much love.. sometimes he does though
  10. My fiancee is very affectionate. He is constantly telling me he loves me. Actually, I'm the one who is less about talking about feelings, and he is the one who always whats to talk....hehe...we balance each other out. :heart:

  11. LOL me too! He is like a big teddy bear and loves doing romantic things for me.

    I, on the other hand, am like "traditional romance is soooo cheesy!!"

    LOL:roflmfao: I am so lucky to have my SO...he is awesome!:heart: :heart: :p :yes:
  12. my SO- affectionate yes, talkative no. he s really shy around big groups and he never tells me whats wrong,i need to be telepathic
  13. My fiancee is very affectionate in private when its just the two of us, but in public he's very shy!

    He wants a really small wedding because he's already stressing about standing up in front of loads of people when we havent even set a date!
  14. Don't knock it, girl, that's better than all talk and no action...(fortunately my DH does both:heart:)
  15. well, I reckon, actions speak louder than words. no good to tell me he loves me but not show it, KWIM?

    I have resorted to this - stopped trying to change him bec he is who he is - I in turn don't like him to try and change me with regard to some stuff. But, I havre resorted to telling him when i need to hear some emotions - like i love you. so he then goes to be all verbally emtional (haha). but he shows me in so many ways how he loves me.

    since you said yourself that he shows you in his way - I reckon you are a lucky lady ;)! also, I don't compare my situation to others, bec I would hate for my hubby to compare me to other men's wives. once i stopped expecting what is against his character i was so much happier - so this was my way to deal with this particular thing