Is your other half supportive of your Chanel obsession?!

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  1. Hello there ladies,

    I just wanted to take a glimpse into your lives and see how your romantic relationships are, whether it be with your bf/gfs, your husbands/ wives, etc, and how they feel about your obsession with Chanel. In my personal experience, I am a poor college student, so every time i purchase a Chanel purse, it's quite a big deal. My income is limited, and i work to save my money for my Chanel. However, my boyfriend, who also helps me out on occassions by giving me money for bills, but he has never bought me any luxury goods, just because he believes that it is a waste of money. He thinks that I should save my money for rainy days, ( I don't have a savings account, but plenty of purses). My bf says if i keep on spending like this, then he won't help me with my bills anymore, and then i would need to spend my purse money on bills!! :cursing: I know that most of the ladies on tPF are in a good place with their career so they can afford all the Chanel purses in the world; however, I am not quite there yet.. should I be spending on luxury items i can't afford? Or should i start acting like a college student, and just wait until i actually have a stable job?

    Just wanted to hear your thoughts. Thanks bunches!
  2. It's never good to spend what you don't have. Paying your bills should always come first and then...when you have money left, save up and buy your Chanels. Then your bf can't say anything to you! Just my two cents!
  3. Honestly? I think your boyfriend is right!

    Nothing should be more important than your studies right now & that means your house & its bills (which will aid your study) should be TOP priority.

    I know we can do some silly things when we were young (I sure did!) that's why you should always leave an ample amount of savings to fall back on.

    If you need further proof - go rent the sex & the city DVD, season 4 episode 64.
    Trust me, you dont want to ever ever be in the position where you and your boxful of beautiful CHANELs are about to be homeless...
  4. Thanks bunches ladies for your thoughts. I agree with you. I think a part of me knows what i'm doing is wrong, but I'm just too big of a sucker for nice things i can't afford.. This is kind of enlightening..
  5. I think you already know the answer to this question. Obviously, it would be a wise decision to use your money for more practical things, like bills or a savings account, if you have limited funds to begin with. Getting behind when your young is not a good way to start life on your own. If I were in your shoes, I'd hold off on any more luxury purchases and put my money where it truly counts.
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    okie i am going to be abit of the devil's advocate here..

    personally, i think it is okie to continue indulge in chanel but(there's always a but) i think you need to use it as a reward purpose. this means, if you have been good with ur savings and bills then get urself something small from chanel or go for vintage items.
    and limit ur buys per year till u have amassed enough savings to keep u going for at least 6 months or more if you are outta of job then you may go on and indulge in all thing chanel.

    n to answer ur questions, my other half is not supportive of my obession cause he believe that one should have 12 months of savings while i only have 6 months at the moment. he will nag but he knows that i will not dip into my savings but rather save on other stuff to indulge so he is fine (as in throw his hands in the air).
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    I think you should prioritize NEEDS vs WANTS before big purchases:yes:

    No, my DH is not supportive.
  8. My DH is not supportive as well.
  9. No. I get scolded !
  10. Not supportive but more like indifferent :shrugs:
  11. well I don't have a boyfriend but I am a college student who pays her own bills and her schooling and I wish one day to own a Chanel bag. But those I have dated aren't really into buying super expensive things but I told them I would love to own a Chanel purse one day--they're ok unless it's my money lol.
  12. o god. definitely not. and the thing is we're not married whatsoever, and the person who buys them is not him but my dad.. but he hates it how i buy them. he mentioned it again this morning, it stresses me out. and he complains just for one bag. its not like i buy 5 a year or sumtin
  13. My BF is semi supportive. He says he is happy for me and I think he is but he still makes me feel a little guilty about it because he wishes I would spend some more of that money on him.
  14. My DH is supportive b/c we make major financial decisions (purchasing a Chanel qualifies) together. We don't buy on credit and only if our income is truely disposable. I personally think that if you can't pay for it without credit than it isn't something you should be buying. I tend to agree with your boyfriend, until you can cover your bills and put extra money away for a rainy day, then I'd hold off on buying anything beyond your means. Focus on your education, it will provide you with the basis to afford those Chanels one day. Perhaps the temptation of tPF is too much, it happens to a lot of members here, take a break if you need to.....good luck.
  15. My DH is supportive of my purse obsessions. First of all, he knows that I only have two main interests: traveling and purses. I also work hard for my money and have saved up more money than most 27yr olds I know (w/out my parent's help.) Lastly, he knows that I'm very smart with my money (I give myself a purse budget) and always pay the maximum amount towards my Roth ira every year! :cutesy: