Is your magenta more pink or purple?

  1. My magenta first came today and she is more purple than I expected. Has anyone else received a "purple" magenta bag? Is that just the color they all are? Judging from everyone's pics I kind of expected a different shade--more of a hot pink. I did notice that outdoors in bright light, she looks more pink. Also, while the leather is much thicker than my '06 bag, my magenta seems more distressed and crinkly than others I've seen in pics. Here she is--the first two pics are outside, the third is indoors. Does she look too purple to anyone else? I'm just not sure about this color!
    magenta1.jpg magenta2.jpg magenta3.jpg
  2. I think mine is right in the middle.
    DSC03588.JPG DSC03589.JPG
  3. Ranskimme--yours looks so smooth compared to mine. Also it looks more pink, especially in the close-up. Is yours brand new or have you carried it for a while?
  4. Mine is also a purpley color--not a hot pink at all. But, it's less crinkley, I'd say than other 2005-3 b'bags that I have. I actually prefer it to a hot pink, but if you don't like it, I'm sure there's someone here who'll take it off your hands.
  5. valerie i think yours is just brand spanking new! you need to use it to loosen up the leather a bit. its pretty crinkly but that should go away with use and maybe (if you are feeling brave) conditioning it.

    the color looks right to me, magenta is right btwn fuschia and purple :flowers:
  6. It was brand new when I got it a few weeks ago, it wasnt quite as shiny as yours, but I just twisted the heck out of it like a wet dish rag and presto, smooth, non shiny leather!! I know sounds nuts but lots of girls here are now doing it to their 06' bags;) Works super well:graucho:
  7. I've actually found the Magenta a hard color to photograph (maybe it's just my camera) but depending on the lighting, the color seems to be all over the place.
  8. valerieb. I got one of the magenta's too. I agree with acegirl, I had a hard time photographing it. The picture I took of mine did not show the color right. However, when I look at your first on my computer the color looks exactly like mine. It's gorgeous! It does seem more crinkly than others, but still beautiful. Give some of the methods talked about here a try and see what happens. Ladies seem to have had great success with thier massaging techniques.
    Good luck! :yes:
  9. I've always thought it was more purple.
  10. Everyone that sees my magenta day tell me NICE PURPLE BAG.
    LOL! So I guess mine is more purple.
  11. yeah everyone says they like my 'purple bag' too. mines a bit less crinkly than urs, but its definitely more on the purple side, though it can change with the lighting :amuse:
  12. ive got pix of a magenta weekender in my bf's the crayola crayon, magenta!;)
  13. I think it's more on the purple side than pink (by pink, I'm comparing to LV's framboise or fuschia colours). here's some pics of mine. HTH!
    Bfamily1Names.jpg Bmagentaclutch1.jpg 00003xay.jpg s640x480.jpg
  14. nope, don't worry acegirl, it's not your camera :rolleyes: ...i think many of the b-bag colors are hard to photograph...i know my rouille was tricky too & looks totally different in different lights...and the ink can appear to be more blue or more purple, me, that's part of the beauty & the intrigue of these bags :heart:

    p.s. i love your new magenta valerieb!!!
  15. Thanks to all who responded. I guess magenta is supposed to be more of a purple tone than I anticipated. Until now, the only magenta I've seen IRL was a pouchette at Neimans. It was very small and looked more pink in the florescent store lighting. Now that I am over my initial surprise the color is growing on me. It's interesting how it changes in different lighting conditions.

    aaallabama and acegirl--I agree these bags are hard to photograph, not only due to the color variations but also because of the shininess. I had an awful time with glare from the sun or flash!

    Again, thanks!