Is Your House Clean Enough For Drop-By Visitors?

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  1. I will start by saying my house is rarely (in my opinion) neat enough to have drop-bys. I can generally get it in satisfactory order with an hours notice, though.
  2. I have to say yes lol... I happen to be an obsessive note taking list writing over organized person who has way too many agendas and TONS of journals all over the house LOL

    If I had an hours notice I would have it in imaculate condition even though I have a 2 year old.
  3. hahahahahahahahahaha....


    one day i will clean.........soon......
  4. Mine is, but I don't have kids like a lot of members do, so it is easy!
  5. When I was single, my place was always spotless. With two boys and three nephews who are always with me, it is nearly impossible to keep clean. However, it can be in 'presentable' shape within an hour.
  6. Aw HELL no!! I was very neat when I was single...don't know what happened. My house isn't necessarily dirty, but it's a bit messy.
  7. nooooo way, I have clothes and bags and shoes all over the place. I seriously dread my neighbors coming and knocking on the door :push:
  8. I'd say 99% of the time. We don't have kids so it's not that hard to keep it clean.
  9. Yes it is! lol Im pretty obsessive when it comes to cleaning(thanks to my Mom), I clean at least an hour a day:shame: its part of my daily routine. As long as they dont step foot in the craft room-we're good to go lol.
  10. It is, maybe 95% of the time. As for the the remaining your step!
  11. I could eat off the floor. But I'm a compulsive cleaner.
  12. Before dd, I was a total neat freak. Since becoming a mommy now my house is a total mess. I need to clean. But as soon as I have free time I'm usually here. lol. :p
  13. Well, I guess it depends on if I care that they know I don't keep a very neat house. I'm not a total slob. I mean, I've seen MUCH worse, but I just clean up when I get the time, which is here and there and rare. I'm just not obsessive about cleaning at all. But I don't think it's that bad. I was raised by a mom who was a packrat and was always embarassed to have people come over. So if I have a few shoes on the floor and a couple things here and there I don't feel bad about it.
  14. Usually. As long as my toddler is sleeping. She will let me put her toys away.
  15. Yes, always. My home is brand new and I have a bit of OCD when it comes to cleaning.