Is your Hermes bag always noticed? (Or would it be if you had one?)


H.O.P Mommy
Mar 11, 2006
HiHeels said:
lol, I see hermes bags frequently, and I still do a double take when I spot one. :amuse: i hesitate to ask... but how old was the "older couple"? (please don't say in their 30s, please don't say in their 30s :amazed: :lol: )

LOL! I'm pushing 30, so not in their 30s:lol:. (maybe I should say a "cute couple" instead) I believe late 60s and they both looked like quite fashionable:biggrin:


Feb 24, 2006
Well, I live in the affluent north shore suburbs of Chicago and there are Birkins on the arms of ladies in the grocery and drug stores here...Last weekend there was a baby-toting, camaflouge (Da Nang?)wearing Mom carrying baby in one arm, 35 cm black Birkin in another. She sat down at the Corner Bakery and pulled a ziploc of baby treats/finger food from her bag!

Last summer I complimented one woman (stunning, she was) with a camel colored (slightly lighter than 'gold'??) Birkin 35cm - while she and I were waiting to cross a street. I told her she looked amazing and her bag was very, very nice.

She was so geniunely happy to hear it - she melted and was nice. I don't know if she knew that I knew about her bag. ;) Since I had only said it was 'nice'...oh well. Maybe that was best.

However, I'm definately a hypocrite a bit on this to answer the OPs OTHER question....if she tries to sign up a new client with Birkin in tow, what kind of impression would it make? I say - Be Careful!

I agree with another poster's point that while truely upper class wealthy people are so secure in their fortunes that they will be made to feel more comfortable with their agent's good taste and good fortune the EXACT OPPOSITE feeling can come from the ambitious upper middle class. They can be jealous and 'put off' by the uppity-ness of a Birkin totin' real estate agent. It may not work to your benefit! You have to decide: do you deal with the truely intergenerational wealthy? or the double income $250-$350K crowd with car payments and vacations on credit cards?

Frankly if you're in a midwestern college town I'd be careful not to wear it all the time. If it's A2 (ann arbor) use it in A2 Hills and the three other suburbs that have old money. If you're in Columbus, OH or Bloomington IN or East Lansing, forget it!


Apr 8, 2006
summertime - What a thoughtful response.

I fall into the category of people who have to save to buy a single Hermes bag, but I would never be jealous of someone else for having one (or 2, or...). I would respect their taste and preference for quality. So we should just remember that we're generalizing here.
Apr 18, 2006
I only notice the stares if I'm carrying an Hermes bag in a bright color, but it really depends on where I am. If I'm at the grocery store, it seems that no one could care less; if I'm shopping in a major cosmopolitan city, I can feel the double-takes! ;)