Is your first instinct always right about a bag?

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  1. This has probably been discussed and if so please merge with the proper thread....

    Royal BW has suddenly caught my attention - and up until a month ago I would NEVER have considered this combination. Really the BWs never struck me until now. But here I am stalking photos and websites trying to decide on a style....

    Are your favorites definitive right from the get go? Do you always "just know"? Are there bags you take risks on (like those you initially have a neutral or negative opinion about) that surprised you? Or do they just get sold after sitting unused for several months and you realize you still don't like the bag?
  2. Not necessarily. I didn't immediately fall for my Charcoal Patent MAM. But, for whatever reason I just couldn't return it either. Now, I always pull it out on rainy days and end up using it longer because it's just so pretty. The patent is smooshy and it has silver signature hardware. It's just beautiful. I love that bag and am so glad I didn't return it!
  3. I feel like I can trust my first instincts pretty well. Sometimes when I think about a new style/color too much and start researching/stalking too much, it turns into the thrill of the chase and a few bags sit unused because of that.

    I actually went through a period of time where I thought I wanted something BW and toyed with joining a couple of SO's. However when I first started seeing the BW styles, I wasn't particularly taken by them – they're beautiful but ultimately, really not my style. I looked at a ton of BW pics and even PM'd some sub-forum members to ask specific questions about the nature of BW leather. I still find the BW really pretty and can appreciate the work involved in producing it but when I apply all of my filters – it still remains not the thing for me so I went full circle back to not wanting any BW.
  4. This is where I'm afraid I'm at right now. Maybe I should give it a few weeks and see if I still feel the same way....
  5. I would definitely say that this is not the case with me.. I've gone through two Dark Gray bags and I thought I would LOVE DG but it just didn't work with me. I also was immediately drawn to the Matinee but it's not my favorite anymore. The Darling didn't interest me at first, but I think it's an awesome style.

    I have been waiting and waiting for a BW but even though there are quite a few around, I am starting to think it's not for me :[
  6. nope! thought i would love the mac - don't use them. thought the matinee wouldn't work for me - love it. but i always knew i was a mam girl : )
  7. My first instinct is usually right. I've had instances where I've purchased a bag because it was popular (stupid, I know) and I was thinking I would love it eventually, but never did and just ended up selling it. So from now on, I'm sticking to my instincts.
  8. Nope. I've had first instincts that were about as wise as the average adolescent crush.
  9. I think after a few days you'll know... When I get that urge to splurge on something, I wait a couple of days to make sure I still feel the same way.. I'm sure if you decide to go through with the purchase you will love it...
  10. I have learned to take a step back from my first instinct when I like the style of the bag and really check the comfort of the straps, size and weight, and if there are enough pockets, etc. If I buy a bag based on first instinct, basically how it looks, without checking the practicality it will end up sitting in my closet too many times.
  11. Nope.. some of my favorite bags are bags that I didn't like at first and, in turn, some of the bags that I loved at first sight are barely tolerable to me now :biggrin:.
  12. I think I have better instincts on the bag style but not on the color. As much as I like the look of the Matinee, Mini B, Darling, etc.... I know those styles won't work for me. I knew the Nikki wouldn't work but took a chance and ended up selling.

    Colors I can be way off. Took a while to get to the greens that were best for me. I never imagined I would love a color like Olive over Leaf, Envy, etc but I do. Never dreamed I'd love Scarlet (I've never liked red bags in my whole life) but it's one of my all-time faves. Didn't consider Teal until someone described it as a distressed Sea Green...
  13. Nope, I thought MACs would be too small and not work for me at all, and now I have 5 :roflmfao:!
  14. First instinct is usually right for me... if I find myself so drawn to a particular style and can visualize it fitting into my life & wardrobe, it's probably a winner. But like others have mentioned in this thread, it's good to wait a couple days or even a couple weeks before pulling the trigger on something... just to see if the feeling fades. Sometimes I do actually lose interest in something I *thought* I HAD to have, and start browsing and looking into other options; then I know I shouldn't buy it.
  15. my first instincts are usually right. but somehow i ignore them when i am (1) in a hurry to own a particular style of bag and think i can "compromise" on the colour... in RM case, you CANNOT cos the colour does make or break the style (2) the sales staff say things that confuse you, eg. "this goes soooooo well with you...." and (3) i think i should BUY my way to a happier mood.

    Still learning, i thought i have learnt all my lessons in my 30s.. but I still am learning !!!