is your damier ebene neverfull made in France or Spain?

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  1. hiya! i am asking this because i was looking for a damier ebene neverfull for my sis's birthday in the boutique today, and the SA took out a total of 3 pieces for me to choose (2 were made in Spain and 1 in France)..

    being a "france" fan, i took it without checking.. but when i reached home, i realise the base has a piece of thread fluff at a side, which i thought was pretty ok, i just snipped it off with a small scissors.

    just wondering if there is a difference in quality between made in france or made in spain damier nfs?

    which do u prefer?

    so far, all my Lvs are made in france, only wallets made in spain...;)
  2. Mine is actually my only piece made the USA and I haven't seen any differences in workmanship or quality.
  3. Mine is Made in France!...I have seen NF made in USA in the same LV store where I bought mine..I CAN'T tell the difference with regards to quality.
  4. Mine is made in USA. I don't see any difference in quality.
  5. thank you for ur replies! :flowers:
  6. france :biggrin:

  7. I don't have a NF, but my pieces were constructed in the US, France and Spain. There's no difference in quality with any of them.

    Happy Shopping!!
  8. My Damier Ebene NF is made in France. I also have a Damier Papillon that's made in the USA and I don't notice any difference in quality. The same applies to my Mono pieces.
  9. thank you!
  10. Mine too & it actually seems to have better/tighter more consistent stitching than some mono bags that I have seen made in France.
  11. Neither... Mine's made in USA.
  12. I returned my Made In France Neverfull because there was a small cut in the bag. I had it exchanged for another one but the only one they have is Made In USA. I saw some problems with the stitching but im guessing that all bags have some sort of "defects". I mean it can't all be perfect right? So there's no difference with bags Made in USA, France and Spain? And is it guaranteed to be authentic? I'm worried because of the stitching.
  13. Made in France.... got it on the LV sight... lucky me...
  14. France, no difference in my experience
  15. Mine is MIF and so far it is holding up pretty good.