Is Your Coach Safe At Work?

  1. There was a disturbing event on the news recently. Several teachers had their wallets or bags stolen by someone who walked into their (empty) classroom.

    In each instance, the teacher had left her bag on the floor; either next to or under her desk. It was estimated that the theft took only seconds to occur.

    Question: Do you protect your bag from theft, while you're at work? Losing a Coach bag is expensive, on top of the catastrophe of identity theft!

    I've got to admit that I've been stupid on occasion; leaving my bag alone in my cubicle, on top of my desk. I think it comes from a need to trust people. Since the school incident, I've tried to be more careful, though.
  2. When I used to work in an office, I always kept my purse on my desk, in plain view. :huh: Thinking about it now, it would have been so easy to walk off with it. I just never put my bags on the floor (ew) but I probably would have been better off putting it in a large drawer or something.
  3. I usually put my purse in my desk drawer, which locks. I never lock it but I have the ability to. My office is near the back "private" entrance to our firm. A woman who occupied my office many years ago used to hang her purse on the back of the door handle and someone sneaked in the back door and stole her purse. Our door now has a security code lock on it but I still don't want it sitting out. Nobody who works in my office would ever steal but do have clients walking around occasionally.
  4. I always think about this when I substitute teach. I'm walking around in schools where I don't even know poeple all that well. I basically just keep my purse with me all the time which is almost never a problem in this situation. If and when I have my own classroom, I will certainly lock it up somewhere during the day.
  5. I keep in in a drawer next to me that sort of looks like a filing cabinet. It's not actually locked, but looks locked.

    It's a pretty small office, so I don't think anyone would really steal b/c it would be too obvious. But the draw things just makes sense as clients do go in and out. I don't think someone who doesn't work there has reason to open something that looks like a file cabinet.
  6. i lock it in my bottom drawer and keep the key in my pocket. used to leave it out until someone's wallet got stolen last yr.
  7. well i have 2 jobs.

    at one, [retail clothing store] we have these small, dingy little lockers.
    i line my locker with paper towels, wrap my bag in my coat/sweatshirt, and tuck it in the locker. then i lock the locker with my own personal lock.
    yes, it may be a little...."obsessive", as my manager calls it, but it makes me feel safe.

    then, at my other job, [small office supply/printing company] i have my own desk! [sorry - it excites me. :p]
    i hang my bag with my purse hook off my desk and i'm at my desk most of the day, so my bag is tucked between my legs.
    we mostly ship out to other companies so we don't get many walk-ins.
    i'm one of three employees there. the other two [my managers] are an old man and a middle-aged woman.
    he's not interested in purses, lol. and she doesn't even carry a purse, just a laptop bag that she tucks her stuff into.
    i'm not too worried about it.
  8. Meh, I work at a military department, nobody here even knows what Coach is. I could probably leave an Hermes out in plain sight and people wouldn't even pay attention.
  9. Luckily I work in a corner office with only 2 other people. There isn't much traffic walking by us. I sit in front of my desk most of the day. We lock the door if atleast one of us isn't going to be in there.
  10. Well, I'm a student, and would never leave my bag alone. But I am going to go to the gym in between classes, and haven't figured out what I'm gonna do w/ my purse while I'm at the gym.

    Thanks for the warning, for right now, I'm only a student, but I'm going for elementary ed....I don't think the 2nd graders would care about the bags...but ya never know about 8th grade.
  11. yes i have a locker right next to my desk and since we are in house counsel for an insurance company the public doesn't come into my office also we are a small firm so we all trust each other!! I can leave my bag here overnight and not be worried.
  12. I keep mine in a desk drawer unlocked. No one in my area has ever had a problem. We can even leave a jar out for collecting money for a sick coworker during the day. Lock it away at night of course.
  13. We have lockers at work and I put my purse in it every time and lock it. At school, it's always in my sight so that's not an issue.
  14. I work in an office that has a huge walk-in safe that I keep mine in. There's only 4 people that are allowed to go in it, so it's pretty safe.
  15. I work for a large corporation-you have to have badges to get on the elevator & a badge to get on the floor. So there really isn't anyone there (strangers) but us, but there are a good 75 people on my floor. Most people (myself included) leave their bags in plain sight (NICE bags-lots of Coaches,etc...) but since people on our floor steal FOOD (of all things) :rolleyes: out of the fridges in the breakroom, it'd probably be a good idea to lock my bag in my cabinet! If you'll steal my can of Diet Mt. Dew, you'll definitely steal my bag!:p