Is your Christmas tree still up?

  1. Ours is coming down today. It is always a bit sad to pack up all the ornaments.
  2. Nope - took down all the ornaments on Tuesday and Dh helped me put 'er away yesterday. Usually I am happy to get life back to normal, kids back to school, back on sched. etc. But this year I am sad. Time is going by so fast, and with this mild MILD winter, it just didn't really feel like Christmas this time. So yeah, kinda sad. Sniff.
  3. Nope, we left on vacation Dec. 27 so everything came down on the 26th. Didn't want to come home & look at the chore in front of me, lol.
  4. OK..who wants to come over and take my decor down for me!!???ROFL!
    GOSH,I hate taking it all down..such a PITA!
  5. nope came dow last week it was so depressing
  6. I think it's supposed to be unlucky if it's still up after the 6th so mine came down on the 6th it was sad:crybaby:
  7. I'm currently procrastinating from taking down the remaining ornaments on the family tree. ;) I really want to get it out for the garbage men tonight.

    I haven't even touched the dining room tree yet, but that one's pretty easy.
  8. Oh no! I'm planning to take mine down tonight. I'm too late!

    At least I don't still turn on my xmas lights at night. That kind of irks me for some reason. Get over it, people--IT'S OVER. Sure my tree is still up but that's only because I'm lazy!
  9. Mine is still up. I'll probably take it down sometime this week.
  10. I need to take the ornaments down tomorrow. My tree looks so DEAD:crybaby:
  11. Mine came down on the 28th.
  12. Yes! I'm so lazy putting everything back in the box. It should come down by next week. Or not.... no pressure hehehehehehe
  13. Ours went down on Friday!
  14. Mine is still up! I have to take it down may be tomorrow.
  15. Ours came down on the 1st! lol! It did not like it! My mom got sad!