Is your cellphone in or out?

  1. My cellphone is totally out. :biggrin: I have an old, old, Nokia phone from 2003. My friends always heckle me about my old phone :shame: I don't really care for cellphones that much. My cellphone has great reception! It even works in an elevator. I figured as long as I can make phone calls then it's fine with me. My cellphone is totally OUT! How about yours? What kind of cellphone do yo have?
  2. Razr--with pix of my dogs on the screen.
  3. Pink Razr for Valentine's Day!
  4. Mine is in! I have a pink razr with sex and the city theme song for my ring. AIM and full internet access. I am addicted to my phone!

  5. Mine used to be IN. I don't know about now since the RAZR has debuted..It's a Sidekick and I love it for all of its nifty functions and capabilities.

    I can read my email and chat with a full QWERTY keyboard.:amuse:
  6. I have a Razr, the most common phone on the planet! Not sure if that makes it in or out :lol:
  7. I'm SOOO into cell phones. I get a new one everytime one comes out, and sell my old while I can still get good money. I have the newest blackberry - which is great for e-mails (work and personal), and has a full keyboard - which I love. The only downfall, no camera. I had the Treo, but hated the phone reception on it. So, it had to go!
  8. The Razr is common but at least you have a camera phone.
  9. ^^^:lol: I suppose. Is the elevator thing the only reason you want to keep your phone? There are plenty of cute cam phones out there now you could get :biggrin:
  10. hehe, i've had my sharp/sanyo - can't remember what brand all i know its a gx30i...for nearly a year now and its already out of date!

    the cellphone market moves too quick! i just can't keep up! But i'm going to keep this phone until it dies - it does the job really well and its user friendly and i can take it overseas with me too!!! but i'd so love one of those pink ones everyone has at the moment!
  11. I just have a fairly new samsung flip phone. It's cute & has a camera. I wouldn't mind one of the new Slvrs (sp?) though!!
  12. I have a Nokia too. It dates back to 2001. Occasionally the buttons would work my nerves though. I figure if I spend so much money on a cellphone I might as well get my money's worth. It's almost five years old and is hanging in there.

    My boyfriend has a phone just as old as mine and he recently got a notice from his cellphone company saying is phone is not in compliance with some FCC regulation requiring the phone to be GPS-compatible so if he places a 911 call they know where he is. He's kind of ticked that the cell company is going to fine him if he doesn't get a new phone that complies with this federal government mandate. Has anyone else with an older phone received this letter? I have not...yet!
  13. ^^^^^ Baglady, I have problems with the buttons as well. I have to press on the end call button so freakin hard. I even had to use a pen a few times. How said is that?

    Cingular sent me a new SIM card for my phone so that maybe a way of complying with the FCC.
  14. mine is most likely out. it works great and i like all it's little functions better than the cheaper phones but it's so big. it's a nokia 3600.


    my friends make fun of it because they have they're cute little flip phones and i have this big thing.
  15. Girlie, all I have to say is "you gotta be fabulous all-around". If your bags are fabulous get a nice or cute phone that will compliment your personality. :love: