Is your Caviar chain strap noisey??

  1. Ok, I LOVE my jumbo caviar bags! But one thing I noticed is they squeak. The chain strap with the leather on it squeaks so much when moved. You know, the caviar is woven so tightly, and its textured so it squeaks.

    I was wondering if with a lot of use it will quiet down. :lol: So many bags on rotation though, its hard to really BREAK in bags these days.

    I still want another Jumbo though!

    (the caviar classic in other sizes may squeak too, I only have lambskin in the other sizes)
  2. Where's that WD40? :biggrin: Just kidding.
  3. one thing that i hate is the chain strap always slip of my shoulder :Push:
  4. NL3181, I understand as the chain gravitates downward to the crook of my arm at the elbow. It then becomes, unintentionally, a handheld bag.
  5. yes i agreed....i much prefer those chain with a small piece of leather shoulder strap :yes: like the caviar tote :amuse:
  6. I wore my brown caviar bag today and yes its noisy!!
  7. I've never heard a squeak with my caviar white flap, but the chain is noisy in general.
  8. elongreach, I didn't know you had a white caviar flap. It's such a pretty bag!
    How long have you had it and is it challenging to keep it white? Did you use any products on the bag? Do you recommend getting one? TIA
  9. Yea, it's in my collection. I totally baby it when I use it and I'm not a baby-er. I don't really like bags where I have to be sooo precautious. NEway, I love it. It's a great bag to use on Sundays with a cute dress. I've been lucky and haven't had anything transfer color onto it. So of course I highly reccomend it!
  10. Thanks elongreach. :flowers:
  11. i dont mind the noise i paid for it lol it comes with the territory :P
  12. Umm, its not that noisy! hehe
    It was very noisy in the beginning.. I think I just got used to it! (since I wear it every day to work)
  13. Intersting.. I've never noticed noise with my 2.55, only that it hurts my shoulders if I wear it for too long.

    I took mine on a trip last week, and was wearing it on my shoulder, and when I took it off my boyfriend said it looked like the chain was "trying to eat [my] shoulder" cause of the crease marks. The genius took it back to the hotel room and somehow knotted the straps to make it shorter, a tuck here and there, and viola! He made me a clutch!:yes: