Is your Cartier Watch a quartz movement or mechanical movement?

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  1. Is your Cartier Watch a quartz movement watch or mechanical movement watch? And why you choose that?
  2. Mines is mechanical movement! I chose that type of power supply because the way the third hand moves! It moves smoothly around the dials and the worry free of a battery dying on me! I dont mind the service that will come with my Cartier watch because its a classic piece!
    Are you planning to purchase a watch? GL
  3. Both of my Cartier watches are quartz because I like to rotate wearing my watch and it's easier like that
  4. For Cartier quartz movement watch, how often do you need to change the battery, and how much approximately does the battery cost?
  5. Which is cheaper may I ask?
  6. ^ Quartz is cheaper!
    My B.B 36 is an automatic (mechanical movement)
  7. I am a bit confused. Which movement needs battery replacement, quartz movemen watch or mechanical movement watch?:cool:

  8. Quartz movements require batteries. Automatic Mechanical movements are powered when you wear the watch. If you don't wear it for a couple of days, the watch will stop.
  9. I have an automatic. I really wanted the date.
  10. My tank francaise is quartz and my bb is automatic. I like automatic watches, but the ease of quartz
  11. For quartz Cartier, where do you change the battery? Cartier store? and how much does it cost each time?
  12. For Quartz you may take it to any watch service repair shop to replace batteries! Although, correct me if Im wrong, but Cartier may or may not service the watch if its been handled by an unauthorized repair shop. Prices vary, but you may do a search on this forum because I have read that automatic watch service is around $500+ USD!
  13. Automatic watch, do you mean quartz watch or mechanical watch?

    What kind of service for automatic watch is around $500? Battery change?

  14. Quartz. I think Cartier does the first battery change for free within 2-3 years, I forget.
  15. I am not sure but I heard quartz which is battery operated will cost about £400 for a battery change and it includes full cleaning service plus polishing. I have no idea how much it will cost the automatic (mechanical) movement but I heard it's a bit more expensive for servicing the watch,