Is your Borough bag heavy?

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  1. I just received my first Borough. It's a medium Oxblood and beautiful.

    However, it's rather a heavy bag, isn't it?

    Anyone else feel this way?
  2. The pebbled are heavier than retro. My navy colorblock boarskin seems much lighter than both of the other leathers.
  3. This concern is one of the main reasons I haven't purchased a medium Borough--it looks gorgeous but I also think it seems heavy empty and one of my deal breakers is a heavy bag. I've made enough mistakes to know that if it's heavy, I won't use it. I know this issue doesn't bother some people but I just don't have the patience for it. I wish I did, though--it's a lovely style.
  4. I don't consider mine heavy at all.
  5. Neither do I...let's build those muscles!! :biguns:
  6. I don't consider them heavy but I've never had a problem with the weight of bags.

    I wouldn't use any of my heavier bags if I needed to carry it the whole day, like for a shopping day, but otherwise no problem with them.
  7. My medium chambray pebbled borough weighs 2.7 pounds empty.
  8. Two and half pounds before one puts her stuff inside seems heavy to me. Having said that I have not weighed my bags (and now, I'm curious!) but gone by how it feels, alone. That Borough feels weighty. And when I packed it? And then made the utterly stupid mistake to carry it to a track and field event…GAH. --> I should have known better.

    I think it will be fine to carry to work. And it's a gorgeous bag. I could do without the center zippered compartment, though.
  9. I have a mini, and it is heavier than I expected. I carried if for a decent amount of time, and I started to notice just felt heavier than when I carry my other bags. For a "mini" bag, it was just sort of surprising.
  10. The weight of the medium doesn't bother me but I don't overstuff either.
    I do have a mini and the strap is very thin so I think that makes it feel heavier.