"Is your bag real???"

  1. No, I'm not asking you ladies...
    But yesterday I took my Burberry bag for a walk and met a few friends downtown.Where I live a Burberry bag is,how to say this, a rare sight(:crybaby:)
    So a friend of mine poped the question...Is your bag real?I said, of course!Ad she says:How can you tell?Well, for a start most fakes don't have the knights on them!She was like :wtf:reallyyy?
    At first I was sceptical but them a realized that the question came from a person who has recently bought a Burberry shirt from a local expensive boutique(who doesn't sell fakes) and wears it all the time.She is a classy lady in other words.
    Could it be that she really couldn't tell them apart, even if she buys luxury items all the time?:confused1:
  2. Sounds weird. Maybe she just isn't into bags??
  3. That happens here where I live...Burberry, LV even Coach or Dooney is a rare sight...so that question is usually the first out of everyone's mouth...weird, huh?
  4. I had no idea that most fakes don't have the knights on them. My one and only Burberry is a Haymarket Check SMMORTON (anyone know if this is an abbreviation for something?) I didn't actually WANT the knights, but I kind of like them now. Especially if it distinguishes my bag as REAL. :graucho:
  5. Yes, maybe she doesn't give attention to details, and she doesn't bother if an item she's wearing is a fake because she only buys from boutiques
  6. they should be marked with a big BURBERRY!!! on them!LOL!just kidding!
  7. Many people do not have a clue how to determine authentic from fake

    Most people are not fanatics like us :p
  8. this is true. before the purse forum i could tell an obvious fake but not a better quality one. Now I can stand in line in Starbucks and comment on everyone's purses with my friends.
  9. Ahhh....the technology...
  10. Before this forum I couldn't tell either. Now, my HUSBAND can often tell the difference! :yes:
  11. Don't worry, I know how you feel. I've had someone think that the knights were dirt stains on the bag until they took a closer look. :wtf:
  12. :nuts:LOL!
  13. To be honest, at a glimpse, I can hardly tell if a bag is real or not, especially those replicas that claim to know how to copy the exactness of the bag (right down to the knights and all). I sometimes can only tell when I look and feel a bag inside out, and that would be awkward to do ;)
  14. oh OK.I've only seen fakes without the knights on them...
  15. ^^ Fakes are getting nastily good these days.. :sad: