Is your bag addiction as contagious as mine.

  1. I've noticed that many of my friends have become obsessed with handbags since becoming friends with me. One girl told me she wanted a new LV stephen today and her husband asked if she has been hanging out with me too much lately. 4 friends w/in the last year have gotten luxury handbags that didn't have them before. It is kind of nice though. Now I have someone else to share my obsession with. Have any of you noticed the same thing happening?
  2. The same has been happening to me lately! Their DHs think that I am a bad influence!
  3. my girlfriend thinks I'm nuts but she luvs me. Nick named me handbag ho.

    I'm embarrassed to go too much on about handbags around most people. They think I'm nuts.

    I live in a real hippie/buddhist enclave.
  4. I got this from one of my friends! this addiction is totally contagious
    well I used to think that my friend is nuts for spending her whole savings on these bags. But you know what? now I'm on the same road!! Haaha
  5. :nuts: Yup. office I joined.. women would buy fakes and low-end canvas Gucci and Nylon Pradas are trading up!:yahoo:
  6. Yup.. Same thing happen to me,my friend's husband thinks I'm a bad influence. My friend used to be a goody two shoes and won't spend money on expensive brands like LV and etc. She buys coach though but since she started hanging out with me more often she started liking my purses and ended spending $3000 at LV boutique in SF. lol!

  7. I'm glad I'm not the only one. However, I've yet to had as much influence on my friends as you. Wow $3,000! :nuts: I haven't even spent that much at one time yet for myself.
  8. Oh, yeah. I have friends who didn't know the difference between a WalMart clearance rack Kathie Lee and a Louis Vuitton before they knew me, who are now much much more discriminating, and will no longer buy said WalMart bags in favor of saving up for something better.

    I also have friends who say they never noticed bags before, but who now can tell a good bag from crap at 20 paces.
  9. friends are lame when it comes to handbags. I wish I had someone that shared my addiction....I guess that's why I come here though. All my friends carry "ordinary" bags.
  10. Same here, maybe in a year but not all at once. She bought 2 purses the epi and damier saleya, damier wallet, cosmetic purse, and epi dinard. That's probably more than $3000 or around there. I can't remember but I was so shock, I was like :wtf: .
  11. me too :roflmfao:
    but i never really talking them to buy those bags... they just saw me with my bags, which i use mostly are my balenciaga bags.
    not many people know that it's a designer bag, so it's a real complimetn than wearing an obviously designer bags :yes:

    and some of them buying fake bags, i never talked to them that it's illegal bla bla bla... i don't really care. i just said that with my authentic bags, although it's wayyyy prcier, at least when i'm bored, i can resell them again for the amount of money that i can get another bag.
    they can't sell their fakes, it'll only amount on the closets when not's used.
  12. :yes: I agree with you on the fake purse. I love baleciaga too but I don't own any yet. Maybe later on.:jammin:

  13. i hope u'll get one soon girl :party: it's worth every single dime!
  14. I must admit that since I joined this blog-I have been bitten with the handbag craze-not good! My husband thinks I've lost my mind, as do many of my friends. I'd never dare tell them how much I've spent on a handbag even though I've bought all of them on sale. My husband actually asked me if I'd spent more than $100 on a bag. My 23 year old son-just laughed and said you can't get a nice handbag for that little. I guess I raised him right! :roflmfao: Sometimes I feel like I've lost control-but you only go around once-right? Glad people on here don't think it's crazy to love the bags and want them all! LOL
  15. My hubby thinks I've lost it too...but my friends aren't into it as much as I am!