Is your addiction only for shoes?

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    I've been reading alot of these shoe related threads here in the Glass Slipper forum and am completely blown away by the knowledge of shoes you guys have (designer, season, name etc!) as well as the extensive shoe collections you own.

    I love designer shoes as well and even though I can afford them if I wanted to purchase them at reg price, I find myself waiting for deals to come along (really hard for me to pay reg. price for clothes/shoes). I definitely think shoes are my weakness, but I love clothes and purses as well.

    So my question is - does everyone love "designer" everything? Or do you just splurge on shoes and cut back on the rest?
  2. Just shoes, bags and scarves. I hardly spend anything on my clothes! :shame:
  3. I prefer to spend most of my money on shoes but if there's something special that I really want, either clothing or a bag I'll save up for that and cut back on buying shoes.
  4. Shoes are my one and only extravagance - for any other designer goods it's sale bargains only. But there's something about shoes.......Mmmmmmmmm, shoes :drool:
  5. Shoes, bags, and the worst - JEWELRY!!!!
  6. If the shoes are really cute, then Im getting them no matter what the price is. Im not really a shoe snob. So just wearing nothing but designer shoes is not a must in my book
  7. Actually, I'm not a huge shoe person. I love shoes but a few pairs here and there are enough for me. I am more in to bags/clothes. I don't mind spending good money for shoes but I don't need a closet full of 100+ pairs of shoes by any means. I am not really a shoe snob per se even though my shoes are expensive.
  8. Yes! I am reallyyy into shoes.
  9. I am addicted to purses, shoes, and greeting cards/stationery. Right now I need to go shopping and restock all three, LOL!
  10. I spend more money on shoes and bags. I tend to spend more money on shoes though. I really hate changing purses all the time, so that is why I don't have that many. I use to and I sold them because they would just sit in my closet.
  11. I really love shoes, but they don't have to be designer. I don't have anything with an original retail over $500 & most of those I got for 50% or more off (Magli, Lepore, Pliner). I love something unique & eye-catching. I also have about half a dozen mid-price brands that really fit both my feet (including Seychelles, Betsey Johnson & the love to hate but fit me perfect out of the box Maddens) so I'm not in a rush to go more expensive unless I really fall in love with a specific shoe. I think it's worse right now because I'm trying not to buy many clothes while I work on losing pregnancy weight ... but my feet aren't changing size again, & that's where I splurge. So, I like interesting and 'fab' shoes that really 'pop'. It does seem that you really need to reach at least the $100 mark, though, before shoes really start to show an increase in comfort.

    It's all about personal taste & style.

    I'm definitely not as much about handbags, but I do have other addictions - hundreds of paperback books and a room full of unsewn fashion fabric.

    Guess I know what I'll be doing when I go on a shoe ban.

    I also don't have much opportunity to see a high end boutique without driving 3 hours with a snow-filled mountain pass in the middle with 3 kids in tow. Kind of takes the shine out of shopping for me at that point. Small towns have their charms, but recreational power shopping isn't really on the list.
  12. I agree. I tend to alternate between bags, shoes and clothes as far as what I MUST have. It goes in cycles.
  13. I'm addicted to shoes (not neccessarily designer), jeans, running skirts and other workout gear.

    I can completely pass on jewelry and premiere designer clothing. I have no use for either of those.
  14. If I have to choose, shoes and purses are definitely my priority. If you have a nice pair of shoes and a nice purse, people would assume you have nice clothes too.
  15. I am addicted to all sorts of things but recently it's been clothes and accessories (scarves, earrings, and watches)
    I already have many nice purses for every occasion, so although there are some items that I want, it's not really crucial at this point.
    Instead of purchasing bags, I've been busy building up my "grown up" clothing collection...I'm kind of addicted to Missoni and MaxMara right now...